The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2612

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2612–Everyone turned to leave, except for James and Walganus.

Wearing a solemn expression, James looked at Walganus and asked, “What should we do now?”

Walganus’ expression was grim.

Korinth was determined to take Sangria no matter the cost, and they had mobilized 150 million men for this occasion.

Not only that, but the overall strength of the cultivators of Korinth was many times greater than Sangria.

Korinth completely overwhelmed Sangria both in terms of number and strength.

After some thought, he said, “Now, we can only depend on Sangria’s Curse.

In my opinion, we should retreat from Macchia City and defend the Imperial Capital.”

“The Korinthian forces will need ten days to reach the Imperial Capital even at full speed.As long as they fail to take the Capital, they will panic and try to leave before a month passes to avoid suffering innumerable losses.”

James listened intently.

Walganus’ plan was one option among many.

However, it should be the final resort because he now understood more about Sangria.

Apart from the cultivators, there were also those who were not particularly strong or maybe did not possess any cultivation base at all.

These people were approximately one-third of the total population.

Besides, those who had great strength had already left, leaving only those with weak cultivation bases and ordinary people behind.

It would be unrealistic to evacuate everyone to the Imperial Capital.

James waved slightly and said, “No way.There are many ordinary people within Sangria.Once we retreat into the Capital, these people won’t be able to evacuate with us.Once the Korinthian army invades, they will be mercilessly slaughtered.”

He knew just how ruthless Korinth was.

All the inhabitants of the cities they conquered were massacred.

Walagnus looked at James and asked, “What should we do, then?”

James thought about it and said, “Our only option is to hold our positions and defend.

We can only send cultivators at the Sage Rank and above to annihilate the enemy’s Sages.

Once they are annihilated, the rest of the Korinthian army is of no threat to us.”

“Easy for you to say.”

Walganus sighed.

“There are only a handful of Sages within Sangria.Apart from Empress Xianna and the Crepe Myrtle Sword Master, only a few other Sect Elders have reached the Sage Rank.However, based on our intelligence, Korinth has mobilized dozens of Sages.”

“In any case, we’ll have to try.”

James gently tapped on the table.

This time, he had brought Winnie and Delainey, who were both at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage, out of the Celestial Abode with him.

Besides that, Winnie possessed the Scythe of Judgment that allowed her to annihilate her enemies with ease.

Moreover, many of those who had consumed the bodhi fruits in the Celestial Abode had already become Sages.

Worse came to worst, he would simply mobilize his men in the Celestial Abode.

James did not tell anyone about the ace up his sleeves.

Unless absolutely necessary, he would not reveal his trump card.

As James and Walganus gathered to discuss the war, James pulled out a map.

He pointed at a region on the map and said, “The Korinthian army has mobilized.

Based on their current speed, they will arrive at Yoruba Valley in ten days and meet up with the 50- million-strong army there.

After arriving at Yoruba Valley, they will reach Macchia City in three days.”


Walganus nodded and said, “We should be able to hold Macchia City.”

The two discussed.

Then, Walganus said, “I’ll be entering a closed-door meditation for now.I’m going to try and regulate my condition.”

James waved slightly and said, “Alright, you’re dismissed.”


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