The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2615

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2615–Beside Winnie, Delainey glanced at her and said, “What a powerful Heavenly Tribulation!” Winnie nodded grimly.

Quinella gazed into the distance.

She could also sense a Heavenly Tribulation in the distance.

Though she had experienced a Heavenly Tribulation before, hers was insignificant compared to this.

Walagnus could not help but take a deep breath and utter slowly, ” How terrifying…

Even a Sage would be turned to ashes after being struck by this Heavenly Tribulation.” Every cultivator at Yoruba Valley and Macchia City could sense the power of James’ Heavenly Tribulation as they stared in the direction of the area where James was located.

In the forest, James sat in a lotus position on the peak of a mountain as dark clouds blotted out the sky.

High above the clouds, minor lightning tribulations descended from the sky, striking and annihilating the surrounding mountain range.

He could sense the Tribulation Clouds’ pressure, but he considered them insignificant.

If he could not even withstand the pressure of the Tribulation Clouds, there was no need for him to continue any further.

“James.” At that moment, a voice came from inside the Celestial Abode.

“Sophie!” James shouted in excitement.

At long last, Sophie had spoken.

Meanwhile, in a closed-door meditation sanctuary in the Celestial Abode, Sophie slowly opened her eyes.

Her cheeks were no longer as pale as before.

She had planned to focus on healing her injuries wholeheartedly.

However, upon sensing the power of the Heavenly Tribulation in the outside world, she understood that this was one of the most significant moments in a cultivator’s life.

As such, she did not want any accidents to happen.

“James, the Heavenly Tribulation is one of the most important stages of a cultivator’s cultivation journey.

Since antiquity, all cultivators who’d experienced a Heavenly Tribulation would try to avoid the power of the tribulation at any cost.

This, however, is a mistake.

“A Heavenly Tribulation is the best power to cultivate one’s heart and mind.

You will gain enormous benefits out of this.” Sophie’s voice echoed throughout James’ mind.

“What you need to do is to allow the Heavenly Tribulation to strike you rather than resisting it.” Hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows.

He would be tempted to try if this was any other occasion.

However, he sensed an overwhelming pressure when faced with the Heavenly Tribulation.

In the beginning, he thought he could overcome the Heavenly Tribulation as long as he could resist the power by using his sheer strength.

Even so, James was not confident he could survive the ordeal.

Now, he had to let the Heavenly Tribulation attack him without trying to resist.

“Are you sure about this, Sophie? My physical strength hasn’t reached the point where I can resist the Heavenly Tribulation.” Sophie said, “This is the perfect opportunity.

As long as you can survive the ordeal, your physical strength will continue to grow.” James took a deep breath and said, “I’ll try, but there are no guarantees.” “Give your best shot.

Remember not to push yourself too much.

After all, your life is more important.” James lifted his head to look at the sky.

As the dark clouds blotted out the sky, his surroundings were pitch -black.

Then, a white lightning bolt flashed through the clouds and illuminated the dark sky.

“Come.” James had fiery determination in his eyes.

Since Sophie said this was the perfect opportunity, he would have to seize the moment and make good use of it.

Besides, his physical strength had reached the pinnacle and could no longer increase.

It was the perfect opportunity to increase his physical strength.


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