The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2616

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2616–Every cultivator would certainly experience a Heavenly Tribulation after reaching a certain cultivation rank.

However, Heavenly Tribulations also had differences in power.

In normal circumstances, the greater one’s potential and the more providences one received, the stronger the Heavenly Tribulation.

James’ Heavenly Tribulation attracted the attention of many powerful figures, and many of the ones from Yoruba Valley and Macchia City headed in James’ direction, planning to observe him from a closer distance.

Meanwhile, James was fully prepared to use his power to fight against the Heavenly Tribulation.

He would utilize its power to refine his physical body, thereby increasing his physical strength.

At the same time, in the Celestial Abode, Sophie walked out of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Dragging her injured body, she headed to the forests outside the city and collected some Empyrean Spiritual Herbs and mysterious berries.

She wanted to refine a healing elixir for James.

James’ body was unique and possessed incredible rejuvenation capabilities because it was reshaped by the Demonic Lotus.

Not only that, but his injuries would instantly recover once he catalyzed the Demonic Energy within his body despite being gravely injured.

However, she sensed that James’ Heavenly Tribulation was special, and it would not end that easily.

It might not come to an end even if James’ Demonic Energy was completely depleted.

Besides, she could not intervene to save James or help him out.

Once she intervened, the Heavenly Tribulation would morph into hers.

After collecting the necessary ingredients, she headed to the alchemy room in the Celestial Abode and began refining an elixir.

Meanwhile, James was on full alert in the outside world.

Though the sky was blotted out by the dark clouds, the Heavenly Tribulation did not strike James.

Even so, the Heavenly Tribulation’s aura grew increasingly stronger.

In the blink of an eye, a day had passed.

Even so, the Heavenly Tribulation did not appear.

James was not in a hurry.

At that moment, he had completely relaxed and no longer treated this as a Heavenly Tribulation.

Instead, he considered this a sort of training to increase his strength.

Zap! Suddenly, a loud noise came from the sky.

The sound was deafening, and the sound waves shredded through the air, sweeping through the area James was in.

Immediately, everything in his surroundings turned into rubble.

James sat in a lotus position on the pile of rubble like an elderly monk.

A lightning tribulation appeared below the clouds.

Like a huge living dragon, it glanced downward at James.

Sensing something was amiss, James lifted his head.

The lightning tribulation was huge, about hundreds of meters in width.

The blinding white light it radiated carried cataclysmic power.

At that moment, the lightning tribulation moved.

Descending from the sky at a rapid speed, it struck in the direction James was in.

James held his breath.

The lightning tribulation’s speed was unbelievable.

In the blink of an eye, it was already before James.

Boom! The moment the lightning tribulation struck the area James was in, everything exploded.

The ripple created by the explosion was huge, and it began to spread with James as the center point.

As the ripple shredded through the air, everything in James’ surroundings was turned into ruins.

One kilometer…

Ten kilometers…

100 kilometers…

1,000 kilometers…

10,000 kilometers…

100,000 kilometers…

1,000,000 kilometers…

The blast was so powerful that everything within a radius of a million kilometers was completely annihilated.

Meanwhile, James was in the dead center of the explosion.

His physical body bore the brunt of the blast.

As the lightning tribulation struck him, his body was unable to withstand the overwhelming power.

His meridians throughout his body were destroyed, and all his bones shattered and turned to ash.

Besides that, wave after wave of power struck him repeatedly.

As such, his body suffered unprecedented damage.

The moment his body was injured, the Demonic Energy inside his body surged and automatically protected its owner.

Even so, James ‘ physical body suffered tremendous damage.

Without his Demonic Energy protecting him, he would have disintegrated into nothingness.

The lightning tribulation’s power permeated the air and did not completely disperse.

James’ body continued to suffer immense damage.


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