The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2617

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2617–“Now’s the time.” James was still conscious.

He catalyzed the Novenary Golden Body Siddhi and began refining his body by automatically absorbing the power of the lightning tribulations in his surroundings.

The lightning tribulations’ power was transformed into energy for the refinement of his physical body.

Then, the destruction of his body stopped.

The residual power of the lightning tribulations began to enter his body under the Novenary Golden Body Siddhi, rejuvenating his gravely injured body.

James had withstood the terrifying Heavenly Tribulation.

However, he was gravely injured, and he needed time to heal his injuries.

If a second lightning tribulation descended from the sky at that moment, he would surely perish.

Fortunately, such an event did not transpire, giving him ample time to rest.

Sitting in a lotus position on a pile of rubble, James’ hair was disheveled, and he was covered in blood.

No part of his body remained unscathed, and he was in a wretched state.

Days passed, and many powerful figures from Yoruba Valley and Macchia City had already reached the periphery of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Upon seeing the devastating power of the Heavenly Tribulation and James sitting in a lotus position at the dead center of the lightning strike, they could not help but be dumbfounded.

“H – How terrifying…” “This Heavenly Tribulation is unbelievable.” “Wh -What is he doing?” “He seems to be cultivating.” “Could he be refining his body through the Heavenly Tribulation?” Sensing James’ presence at the center of the Heavenly Tribulation, everyone was stunned.

Meanwhile, James had been summoning his full strength to heal his wounds over the past few days.

The Heavenly Tribulation’s power had yet to disperse and had been striking James’ body repeatedly.

However, by utilizing the power, James kept refining his physical body.

Over the next few days, his physical body was destroyed and rejuvenated over and over again.

By breathing new life into his body, his physical strength grew increasingly more robust.

In just a few short days of cultivation, he had accumulated countless years’ worth of cultivation.

At that moment, his physical strength was only a step away from becoming a Sage, and he was very close to possessing the body of a Sage.

Should that come to pass, he could withstand the attacks of Sage cultivators with his physical strength alone.

It was unbelievable.

Then, Sophie’s voice came from inside the Celestial Abode.

“James, I sense that the second Heavenly Tribulation is upon you.

Ihave refined a healing elixir to rapidly heal your injuries.” As Sophie’s voice echoed in his mind, James could sense the presence of the healing elixir.

“You’re injured, so you won’t be able to withstand the second lightning tribulation’s attack.

Hurry up and take the elixir!” James’ mind stirred, and a healing elixir appeared in his hands.

Without any hesitation, he swallowed the thing whole.

After consuming the healing elixir, a warm current circulated throughout his body, and a power swiftly rejuvenated his body.

In an instant, his gravely injured body had completely recovered.

It stunned James.

‘This healing elixir is unbelievable.

As expected of a Quasi- Emperor, the stuff she has is truly impressive.’ James had returned to peak condition, and no injuries could be seen on his body.

He lifted his head to look at the sky.

Silverish-white lightning bolts were swiftly gathering in the clouds.

James knew that the second lightning tribulation would soon appear.

“Come,” James said with firm determination.

“The Heavenly Tribulation will not destroy me.

On the contrary, I will only grow stronger in the face of adversity.”


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