The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2619

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2619–In an instant, the halo made of True Essence shattered.

James catalyzed True Essence once more to form a protective barrier.

Though the lightning tribulation was already over, the power it generated continued to strike James’ physical body repeatedly.

James endured.

At the same time, he catalyzed Demonic Energy inside his body and swiftly rejuvenated his body.

Not only that, but he also catalyzed the Novenary Golden Body Siddhi and absorb the residual power of the lightning tribulation to refine his physical body.

Even though James’ injuries were grave, and his body was ina wretched state, he held on.

After stabilizing his injuries, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The most terrifying attack was over, and only the residual power of the lightning tribulation remained inside his body, striking him repeatedly.

Fortunately, he was able to resist the power for now.

Now, he concentrated on refining his body wholeheartedly.

In a faraway region, many powerful figures were observing the situation intently.

Sensing the destruction brought about by the Heavenly Tribulation and the fact that James was still sitting ina lotus position on the ground, everyone gasped.

Wearing a grim expression, Walganus stared at James intently.

Though he had cultivated many Supernatural Powers, obtained many providences, and possessed enormous potential, his Heavenly Tribulation was incomparable to James.

“How terrifying…” Walganus took a deep breath and murmured silently to himself, “As expected of humanity’s last hope! Who else in this world can stand against him when he rises?

By seizing everything he has in his possession for myself, I’ll be the most powerful individual in the Apocalypse Age.” The more incredible James’ performance was, the more Walganus secretly rejoiced.

To him, everything James had at the moment would belong to him eventually.

Winnie, who was not far away, had witnessed everything as well.

Seeing that James was fine, a faint smile crept up on her grim face as she murmured, “As expected of Dad…

He could even use his physical body to resist such a unique Heavenly Tribulation.

I don’t think anyone else in this world would dare do such a thing.” Delainey suppressed her smile.

Secretly overjoyed, she murmured, “James is too powerful.

After this tribulation, his strength would only increase drastically.” Everyone was stunned by James’ Heavenly Tribulation.

Meanwhile, James was preoccupied with his cultivation.

The Novenary Golden Body Siddhi was a mysterious body refinement art that could refine one’s body by borrowing all kinds of power.

Besides that, the graver one’s injuries, the better the effects of the refinement.

His physical strength gradually increased unbeknown to him.

However, after the second lightning tribulation, the third did not come despite much time passing.

It gave James breathing room, and he cultivated consecutively for a few days.

Over the last few days, the residual power of the remaining lightning tribulation struck his body repeatedly, providing him immense power to refine his body.

A few days later, James made a breakthrough in his physical strength.

Though he had yet to reach the Sage Rank, his physical body had already become a Sage’s.

At that moment, James could only sense that his physical body had undergone drastic changes.

His bones were now glimmering, the power his blood contained had increased, and the durability of his muscles had improved tremendously.

“A Sage’s body…” A faint smile crept up on his face.

At long last, he had made a breakthrough after staring death in the eye.

All his efforts were worth the price.

After possessing a Sage’s body, the residual power of the second lightning tribulation could no longer deal any damage to him.

So, James stopped cultivating momentarily and catalyzed Demonic Energy to rejuvenate his gravely injured body.

He had to return to peak condition in preparation for the incoming Heavenly Tribulation.


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