The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2620

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2620–James summoned all the Demonic Energy in his body to heal his injuries.

Since he possessed the Demonic Body, the stronger his physical body became, the more Demonic Energy would materialize from within it.

Though the Demonic Energy inside his body was much more immense than before, he had been struck repeatedly by the lightning tribulation.

Demonic Energy was being depleted to heal his physical body.

Currently, not much Demonic Energy remained inside him.

In fact, his remaining Demonic Energy would not be sufficient to completely rejuvenate his injuries.

James took out a healing elixir Sophie had prepared for him and swallowed it whole.

After consuming the healing elixir, a warm current circulated throughout his body.

As the current possessed immense power, the healing effects were fascinating.

Soon, his injuries were completely healed.

Meanwhile, he had returned to peak form.

Now, he was waiting for the third lightning tribulation to descend upon him.

He did not know how long the Heavenly Tribulation would last.

Regardless, he could only do his best.

As the Heavenly Tribulation had yet to arrive, he seized the opportunity and asked Sophie, who was in the Celestial Abode, a few questions.

“Sophie, how long will this lightning tribulation lasts?” Sophie’s voice came, “Ordinary cultivators will only have a single lightning tribulation.

As long as they can overcome the tribulation, they will ascend the ranks.

“However, there are no absolutes.

The greater your potential and the more providences you obtain on your journey of cultivation, the more Heavenly Tribulations you’ll encounter.

“Heavenly Tribulations are divided into ranks.

The strongest Heavenly Tribulation people have ever encountered has nine lightning tribulations.

Since antiquity, only those who experience nine Heavenly Tribulations will be able to reach the Grand Emperor Rank.” Hearing this, James now had a rough understanding of Heavenly Tribulations.

Those who experienced nine Heavenly Tribulations almost always reached the Grand Emperor Rank.

Scratching his nose, James murmured to himself, “That means the Heavenly Tribulation I encountered has nine lightning tribulations.” However, Sophie, who was in the Celestial Abode, was wearing a solemn expression.

As she was a Quasi- Emperor and had reached the rank where she could see through Heaven’s secret, she could sense that James’ Heavenly Tribulation was extraordinary.

This would not end just like that.

Perhaps the nine lightning tribulations she described were only just the prelude to something grander.

In the outside world, James completely relaxed since he had now reached the Sage Rank.

According to Sophie, there were only at most nine lightning tribulations in the Heavenly Tribulation.

He could resist the first two lightning tribulations and increase his strength in the process, so the remaining tribulations should bea piece of cake.

Now, this was no longer a tribulation from the heavens.

Rather, this was now a form of training.

For the remaining Heavenly Tribulations, James aimed to increase his physical body’s strength further.

Now that he was completely relieved, he waited patiently for the Heavenly Tribulation to descend upon him.

Soon, the third Heavenly Tribulation struck him.

The third one was even greater in power than the previous two.

However, since James’ physical body had improved tremendously, he managed to resist the lightning tribulation.

Though he suffered injuries, they were not as grave as before.

After the third Heavenly Tribulation, James refined his body once more.

Now, his physical strength could no longer be increased by much.

Nevertheless, this was fine by him.

He continued healing his injuries while waiting for the Heavenly Tribulation to arrive.

The fourth Heavenly Tribulation…

The fifth Heavenly Tribulation…

The sixth Heavenly Tribulation…

The seventh Heavenly Tribulation…

The eighth Heavenly Tribulation…

The ninth Heavenly Tribulation…

Heavenly Tribulations kept striking James.

Each time a Heavenly Tribulation appeared, it would only reappear once more after a few days.

More than a month had passed since James’ first Heavenly Tribulation.

When the ninth Heavenly Tribulation struck him, his physical strength made another breakthrough and reached the Sage Rank’s Second Stage.

“It’s over.” James slowly stood up and stretched, his bones making cracking sounds.

Sensing the power inside his body, he wore a confident smile on his face.

“Even though I’m not a Sage yet, my physical strength is now equivalent to a cultivator at the Sage Rank’s Second Stage.

With such power, who among the Sages can hope to defeat me?”


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