The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2624

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2624–James’ eyes bulged as he stared at the countless shadows that appeared out of thin air.

From the shadows, he could sense a familiar aura.

“H-Heavenly Path Embodiments?” James roared in disbelief.

Indeed, these were Heavenly Path Embodiments.

Upon seeing the countless Heavenly Path Embodiments before him, James’ face paled, and his expression was full of disbelief and horror.

Then, his body shivered as his knees went limp.

For the very first time, he had no desire for a battle.

“Good heavens…” James was at a loss for words.

He knew very clearly what these Heavenly Path Embodiments were.

Once, one of them appeared after he achieved many breakthroughs consecutively.

James only managed to defeat it after summoning his full strength, which completely depleted his energy in the process.

Now, at this moment, there was not just a single one of them.

Based on conservative estimates, there must have been at least a million of them.

Horror overwhelmed James, and fear completely sapped him of his strength.

He wanted to flee.

As he scanned his surroundings in panic, he tried searching for an exit to leave this place.

However, this world had no boundaries.

Heavenly Path Embodiments gradually surrounded him.

Besides that, the Tribulation Clouds in the sky churned, and terrifying lightning tribulations flashed through the clouds.

The deafening blasts reverberated throughout this silent world.

Each roar of a lightning strike made James’ soul tremble and his mind went blank.

Meanwhile, in the Celestial Abode…

Sophie was filled with consternation.

After James entered the Tribulation World, a powerful force severed James’ connection with the Celestial Abode.

No matter how many times she called him, no one responded.

“What should we do now, Spirit Tool?” Sophie looked at the Spirit Tool anxiously.

The Spirit Tool was wearing a grim expression on his shriveled face.

After some time, he said slowly, ”He has obtained many providences— all 108 Infinity Steles that have existed since the dawn of time, the Five Elements of Genesis, and many more.

There is a price to pay for obtaining these incredible providences.” The Spirit Tool took a deep breath and continued, “Now, he can only depend on himself.

I hope he can overcome this tribulation.

If he does, his mind and body will experience tremendous growth.

This will create a strong foundation for his rise.” As Sophie knew that worrying would do no good, she could only wait patiently for now In the Tribulation World…

James was horrified.

It was the first time he experienced such dread and consternation.

Alone in this world, there was no one he could call for help.

Swish! A lightning tribulation descended from the sky and struck the mountain where he was located.

As James’ mind had gone blank, he could not even sense the lightning tribulation.

When the lightning tribulation struck him, he immediately suffered grave injuries.

The excruciating pain made him react, and he swiftly catalyzed the Demonic Energy inside his body to heal his injuries.

As Demonic Energy circulated throughout his body, his injuries were completely healed in an instant.

Rumble! The lightning tribulation churned in the clouds, letting loose a deafening roar.



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