The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2626

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2626–At Sangria’s border…….

Everyone who was watching the event unfolding before their eyes witnessed James being pulled into a mysterious world and engaged in a fierce battle against countless shadows.

However, at that moment, the illusory world created out of the Laws of Heaven gradually became more illusory.

Soon, the world vanished without a trace.

“Where did James go?” “Why’s that thing gone?” Everyone was puzzled.

Winnie and Delainey unconsciously glanced at Walganus, who furrowed his eyebrows and shrugged, saying, ”Don’t look at me.

I don’t know what’s going on either.” At the same time, in the Tribulation World…

James charged toward the horde of Heavenly Path Embodiments.

With the protection of True Elemental Essence, they were unable to deal any damage to him for now.

Since he had an invincible Yogacara and Sword Energy that materialized from it, he kept knocking back the Heavenly Path Embodiments.

However, the Heavenly Path Embodiments were not living beings and were not capable of dying.

Since they were made out of the Laws of Heaven, it was impossible to annihilate them.

In the beginning, James was unstoppable.

However, as the battle dragged on, his True Essence was slowly being depleted.

‘This can’t goon.’ As his True Essence was slowly being depleted, he sensed a looming threat.

If this battle dragged on, his True Essence would be depleted.

Should that come to pass, he would perish in battle.

‘What should I do?’ James panicked.

The moment he was distracted, countless Heavenly Path Embodiments attacked him ferociously.

Their sword techniques were unique, preventing James from mounting an effective defense.

In an instant, he was struck by thousands of swords.

Even with True Elemental Essence shielding his body, he suffered injuries.

In the distance, a man silently appeared.

He was wearing tattered black armor, and his disheveled hair blocked his face.

Regardless, it was apparent that he was exhausted.

“How interesting…” When he saw James, who was engaged in a fierce battle, a smile crept up on the man’s face as he murmured to himself, “I never thought that a human who has yet to reach even the Sage Rank could enter the Tribulation World.

What’s wrong with the world? Could the outside world have changed after I spent too much time here?” As he watched James’ battle…

“He’s not bad…

“However, resistance is futile.

It’s impossible to overcome this tribulation when faced with the endless hordes of the Heavenly Path Embodiments.

Once his True Essence is depleted, he’ll perish in the hands of the Heavenly Path Embodiments.” The man had foreseen James’ fate.

He would not be able to leave the Tribulation World alive.

“That being said, he sure has a lot of treasures in his possession.” He had completely seen through James and everything he had in his possession.

“What a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation at such a cultivation rank! His future is bright, and his potential knows no boundaries!” The man was wearing a grim expression.

He knew very clearly what sort of Heavenly Tribulation this was.

It would only appear when someone was about to cross into the Grand Emperor Rank.

Once he overcame this tribulation, he would become an Ancestral God.

However, as James had not even reached the Sage Rank, this was simply unprecedented.

“Perhaps the opportunity has arisen for me to overcome the Ancestral God Tribulation.” The man looked at James, trying to see through him.

However, James’ future could not be determined.


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