The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2628

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2628–Learn the sword techniques of the Heavenly Path Embodiments and merge them into his own sword technique? James was confounded.

He knew just how difficult it was to merge sword techniques together.

Back then, he had painstakingly merged them together in the Celestial Abode.

James took a deep breath.

At the same time, he observed the Heavenly Path Embodiments in his surroundings while engaging in a fierce battle against them.

Just as he thought, the sword techniques of these Heavenly Path Embodiments were all sophisticated.

Some were bizarre, while others were ever-changing.

There were all kinds of Sword Moves.

Though he did not understand much about the Five Great Sword Realms of the Ancestral Sword Master, he could somewhat discern that the sword techniques performed by these Heavenly Path Embodiments contained the Five Great Sword Realms.

However, now, he needed to learn about the other Sword Moves.

There were tens of thousands of Heavenly Path Embodiments in his surroundings.

Every second, they would slash James with their swords.

The Sword Moves performed by these Heavenly Path Embodiments surfaced in his mind.

However, the moment he was distracted, he was struck.

Even with True Elemental Essence shielding his physical body, he suffered grave injuries.

Scars appeared on his body, and the Blood Energy inside his body churned, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood.

Careful not to be distracted anymore, he concentrated on the battle wholeheartedly.

However, doing this depleted his energy severely.

Based on the current speed, his True Essence would be completely depleted soon.

‘What should I do?’ James began to panic.

It would be impossible for him to learn the sword techniques and fuse them together in a single day, much less a minute.

This was particularly pertinent for supreme sword techniques performed by the Heavenly Path Embodiments.

The time needed to master them would be significantly longer, perhaps millennia, or evena greater period of time.

Would he have to continue fighting for many thousands of years? When he thought about it, despair filled his heart.

Sensing James’ thoughts, the man in black armor said, “Millennia pass in the blink of an eye.

In fact, you should consider yourself fortunate if you could leave this place in 10 thousand years.” “Do you know how long I’ve been here, Kid?

I entered the Tribulation World in the Primeval Age, and I never managed to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation even after the Primeval Age, the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, and the Primordial Age have ended.” Hearing this, James’ blood ran cold.

“Th-That long? You must be kidding me!” He was in disbelief.

He knew there were three eras prior to the contemporary Apocalypse Age.

However, he had no idea how much time each era had specifically.

He only roughly knew that hundreds of millions of years had passed since the Primeval Age.

“Work hard, Kid.

By the way, you have to use your True Essence sparingly.

Never allow it to be completely depleted.

Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.

You seem to have enormous potential, but despite having gained some insight into Elemental Inversion, you have yet to grasp its essence.

If I’m not mistaken, the five elements of Elemental Inversion interweave and restrain each other.

Fusing them repeatedly will create a constant stream of power.

This will prevent your True Essence from being completely depleted as they will be replenished non-stop.

“However, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to learn the sword techniques and merge them.

You should resolve the issue of the insufficiency of your True Essence,” the man said.

James took a deep breath.

Once he learned he would be engaged in a battle for a long period of time afterward, he knew that he would not be leaving this place anytime soon.

The man was right.

He had only learned the fundamentals of Elemental Inversion.

At that moment, he catalyzed Elemental Inversion.

As True Elemental Essence gathered, his aura and power increased drastically.


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