The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2629

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2629–However, as his strength increased, he could clearly sense that the Heavenly Path Embodiments in his surroundings also grew in strength.

The man hurriedly warned, “Avoid using arcane arts that allow your strength to grow.

As these Heavenly Path Embodiments are created by the Laws of Heaven, they specifically target cultivators.

This means that the stronger the power, the stronger they will be.” Hearing this, James dispersed Elemental Inversion.

“Take it slowly.

This is only just the beginning.” After speaking, the man appeared at the peak of a mountain and watched James’ battle.

At that moment, sensing the presence of something, his face darkened as he cursed, “How persistent! They have already caught up with me.” Then, he vanished and reappeared at a place far away from James.

Almost immediately, a horde of Heavenly Path Embodiments appeared and attacked him ferociously.

Though there was nothing apparently different about their Heavenly Path Embodiments, the ones attacking the man were much more powerful than the ones attacking James.

His Heavenly Path Embodiments were at the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank and infinitely close to reaching the Ancestral God Rank.

James had no idea that the mysterious man who offered him guidance was also now engaged in a fierce battle against the Heavenly Path Embodiments.

James calmed down.

As he fought, he tried learning more about Elemental Inversion.

Elemental Inversion was meant for the Five Elements of Genesis and the incredible cultivation methods created by them.

By combining their powers, immense power would be created.

The mysterious man seemed to have great knowledge about Elemental Inversion and the ways of creating True Essence infinitely.

There were two ways to create True Essence.

One of them was simple.

By utilizing one’s cultivation method to control the Five Elements of Genesis inside one’s body, power would materialize in a steady stream.

That way, no matter how long the battle lasted, his True Essence would not be depleted.

One could obtain power by borrowing the strength of the Five Elements of Genesis.

That was because the Five Elements of Genesis were divine powers that were born during the creation of heaven and earth and, as such, possessed devastating power.

The other way was to use cultivation methods to allow the Five Elements of Genesis to interweave and restrain each other.

As they formed a circulation inside one’s body, they would create a steady stream of True Essence.

That way, True Essence would gradually increase even without any cultivation.

The second method was comparatively more difficult.

With James’ comprehension of Elemental Inversion, it would be difficult to accomplish such a feat.

However, to safely overcome this Heavenly Tribulation, he nonetheless decided to gain insight and research the cultivation method of Elemental Inversion.

Everything in this world was formed by five elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

The five elements interweaved and restrained each other and were indivisible.

Without them interweaving with each other, beings and creations would not exist.

Without them constraining each other, there would be no restraints, and order could not be maintained.

Wood gave rise to Fire, Fire gave rise to Earth, Earth gave rise to Metal, Metalgave rise to Water, and Water gave rise to Wood.

Wood constrained Earth, Earth constrained Water, Water constrained Fire, Fire constrained Metal, and Metal constrained Wood.

The relationship between the five elements surfaced in James’ mind.

At the same time, he tried using different True Essences to form a new True Essence.

Then, he would use the new True Essence and combine them with other True Essences to create new ones.

True Elemental Essence gathered in James’ five organs.

As he slowly gained insight, the five organs formed a connection and create a single collective.

The five organs seemed to have formed a Magic Circle.

Different True Essences materialized and gave rise to new ones.

As they circulated throughout the body, a steady stream of power was created.

James had no idea how long he had been trying to comprehend Elemental Inversion.

He only knew that he was constantly trying to comprehend Elemental Inversion to form a Magic Circle that allowed the five elements inside his body to interweave and restrain each other.

As the Five Elements Magic Circle was formed, his body became the core.

The moment the Magic Circle spun, the energy of heaven and earth was absorbed through the pores and entered his body.

After entering the Five Elements Magic Circle, they were refined and transformed into Elemental Power.

“I did it.” James was delighted.

After the Elemental Inversion Magic Circle was formed, he no longer had to worry about his energy being depleted.

From now on, his body would automatically absorb the power of heaven and earth without having to consciously cultivate it.

As the five elements interweaved with each other, a steady stream of power had been created.

“As expected of the Supernatural Power created by the Five Ancestral Gods! How unbelievable!” James could not help but exclaim.


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