The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2630

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2630–Amid the battle, James withstood overwhelming pressure and gained even more insight into Elemental Inversion.

With the five organs acting as a medium, he managed to gain insight into Elemental Inversion Formation.

After the Formation was created, True Elemental Essence interweaved with each other and created a steady stream of power.

At the same time, it absorbed the power of heaven and earth.

James had no idea how long he had battled for nor how long he had been gaining insight into Elemental Inversion.

He only knew that his True Energy was being depleted time and again, and new power created by the Five Elements of Genesis replenished them.

After the Formation was created, James breathed a sigh of relief.

Now, he had to learn the Sword Moves, gain insight into them, and merge them.

After a long battle, his body was now covered in injuries, which did not recover.

Fortunately, his physical body was extraordinary, or else he would have been long dead.

He calmed down.

After relaxing his mind, every move of the Heavenly Path Embodiments in his surroundings surfaced in his mind.

As James battled against them, he gained insight into their moves at the same time.

He only needed to memorize the Sword Moves.

After memorizing them, he needed to merge them into his own.

However, though it appeared simple at a glance, it was extremely difficult.

The more Sword Moves that were merged, the harder it would be to gain insight into them further down the road.

James was engaged in a fierce battle in a world full of lightning tribulations and Heavenly Path Embodiments.

He did not dare let his guard down for even a brief moment, for fear that the Heavenly Path Embodiments would sneak up from behind and deal him a fatal blow.

Though he was exhausted, he did not dare rest.

During the battle, he slowly learned many sophisticated Sword Moves and tried merging the sword techniques.

Batting was the best form of cultivation.

Throughout the battle, James’ sword technique grew increasingly more profound, and he merged more and more sword techniques.

As such, the power of his Sword Moves grew increasingly stronger.

After battling and gaining insight for God knows how long, not to mention the sheer amount of Sword Moves he had merged, he could now slash a Heavenly Path Embodiment in a single slash.

Now, his physical strength had increased further, reaching the Sage’s Rank Fifth Stage.

Meanwhile, his True Essence had also increased.

The Heavenly Tribulation was far from finished.

As the second stage of the Heavenly Tribulation appeared, he successfully overcame the second and third tribulations in the midst of the battle.

At the moment, his strength had reached the peak of the Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage.

“Am I going to become a Sage in the Tribulation World?” As James looked at the Heavenly Path Embodiments that appeared in his surroundings and the lightning tribulations descending from the sky, he could not help but sigh.

Under such circumstances, there was no way he would not become a Sage in the Tribulation World.

On the other end of the Tribulation World…

After annihilating a horde of Heavenly Path Embodiments, the mysterious man retreated from the battle and headed to the region James was in.

Upon seeing James, who was in the midst of a fierce battle, and the sword techniques he performed, a smile crept up on his pale face as he murmured, “He’s a fast learner for sure.

He managed to comprehend the essence of Elemental Inversion in such a short period of time.

Not only that, but his sword technique has increased so drastically.

What a shame that his rank is too insignificant.

Otherwise, with his sword technique, he would have become one of the hegemons of this world.” He was satisfied with James’ performance.

“That won’t do, Kid.

To leave the Tribulation World, you have to annihilate all Heavenly Path Embodiments in a single move.” When James performed the sword techniques, he was immersed in this fabulous feeling.

As much time passed, his sword techniques were now capable of annihilating the Heavenly Path Embodiments with ease.

At that moment, a voice came, and James collected himself.

Scanning the countless Heavenly Path Embodiments in his surroundings, he furrowed his eyebrows, “Annihilate them all in a single move?”


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