The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2633

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2633–“Thank you for your guidance.” James expressed his gratitude.

If not for this man, he would not have been able to overcome this tribulation at all.

Not only had he overcome this tribulation, but his physical strength had now reached Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

His own rank had also reached the peak of the Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage.

Furthermore, this was the result of his deliberate compression, as well as his endless battling and depletion of True Essence.

Otherwise, while he was going through the tribulation, he would already have become a Sage.

“Kid, you are very powerful.

You went through the most dreadful Heavenly Tribulation in history.

Even with your current strength, such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation appeared.

It is clear that your potential is extremely frightening.

“However, don’t be arrogant.

Although you have great potential, can strive for the very top, and might even surpass Ancestral Gods and achieve unprecedented heights, don’t be careless.

Too many accidents occur on the path of cultivation.

The slightest inattention could kill you.

“There is no way I can overcome the tribulation this time.

“Pll wait for you in the Tribulation World.

When you reach the Grand Emperor Rank and experience the Ancestral God Tribulation again, help me destroy the Heavenly Path Embodiments and get me out of here.” The mysterious man had instructed James for the sake of his own agenda as well.

His strength had reached the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank and was infinitely close to the Ancestral God Rank.

Nonetheless, he could not overcome this tribulation with his strength.

Even though he was unable to overcome it, this tribulation could not completely destroy him either.

As a result, he had been trapped in the Tribulation World for ages.

No other cultivators came in after he had entered the Tribulation World.

He was unaware of the state of the outside world.

“T will try my best.” James firmly nodded his head.


You overcame this tribulation and will be leaving soon.

Remember: someone is waiting for you in the Tribulation World.” As the man was saying that, he vanished from James’ sight.

“How many years have I been fighting in this world, by the way?” James’ voice rang out.

In the distance, a voice came, “Not that many, only thirty thousand years.

Time here is not equivalent to the outside, though.

This place transcends all.

Time is virtually useless here.

“after you leave, a day, two, or three may have passed in the outside world.

It might have been a number of years as well.

Regardless, it won’t be too long.” A voice came from the distance.

“T-thirty thousand years?” James was slightly baffled.

“T battled for thirty thousand years? “I spent thirty thousand years understanding sword techniques?” Before he could regain his bearings, a terrifying force from this world approached and hauled him outside.

He was temporarily blinded.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a familiar yet unfamiliar environment.

He was in the middle of a ruin.

Looking around, there were only ruins.

“He has appeared.” “His Majesty has returned.” As soon as James appeared, he was found.

Many people rushed over right away.

James noticed some familiar but unfamiliar faces.

There were Winnie, Delainey, Walganus, Quinella, and some generals from Sangria’s Macchia City.

Sword techniques were constantly flashing through his mind.

A long time had passed, and some of his memories were nearly sealed away.

When he saw these people, his memories slowly began to come back.

Walganus’ gaze was fixed on James.

He could sense that James was different.

After overcoming a tribulation, James was completely transformed.

After a while, he finally raised his thumb.

“Impressive.” James exhaled a long sigh of relief.

When he saw these people, his memories awakened.

He knew he had been in the Tribulation World for thirty thousand years, but it was not that long in the outside world.

James smiled and asked, “How much time have I spent going through the tribulation this time?” Walganus looked at James with a strange look and said, “Since you entered the Tribulation World, half a month has passed.” “That is fortunate.” James was utterly relieved.


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