The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2635

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2635–“Glad to finally hear from you, brat.” Sophie’s voice came from within the Celestial Abode.

“It’s been thirty thousand years, and you’ve finally appeared.

I even thought you were killed by the Heavenly Tribulation.” “Thirty thousand years?” James muttered, then asked, “I spent thirty thousand years in the Tribulation World.

Could it be that you’ve also spent thirty thousand years in the Celestial Abode as well?” “That’s right,” Sophie said, “You always have the Celestial Abode with you.

Although the connection between you and the Celestial Abode was severed by some sort of mysterious force, the Celestial Abode was indeed in the Tribulation World.

The amount of time you spent there equals the amount of time the people in the Celestial Abode spent there.” “So that’s how it is.” James was enlightened.

Then something occurred to him suddenly, and he asked, “How is the army of four hundred thousand men in the Celestial Abode? Thirty thousand years have passed.

Has their strength increased substantially?” Sophie’s voice came from the Celestial Abode.

She said, “In the army of four hundred thousand men, not everyone’s strength increased.

Since the Spiritual Root is important in cultivation, people who lack it are unable to become Sages.

“The vast majority of the army’s four hundred thousand men have already become Sages.

Those with great strength have even advanced to the Sage Rank’s Seventh or Eighth Stage.

“And those with weak strength have only reached the third stage of the Tribulation Rank.

Their strength may be unable to improve any longer, yet this is not certain.

If we use the bodhi fruit, we can forcibly increase their strength, allowing them to enter the Sage Rank by force.” After hearing her words, James inquired, “Are there many who have entered the Sage Rank?” “Mhm.” Sophie said, “Three hundred thousand people have entered the Sage Rank.

There are also about ten thousand people who have reached the Sage Rank’s Seventh or Eighth Stage.” After hearing about it, he was completely relieved.

With this army of four hundred thousand men, he would be able to face any disaster when he returned to Earth once again.

“By the way, what exactly have you been through?” asked Sophie.

James described everything that happened to him after he entered the Tribulation World.

After listening to James’ recount, Sophie said with a smile, “For you, it served as a learning experience.

You went through this ordeal and laid a solid foundation for your cultivation path.

You have a bright future ahead of you.” Sophie was very pleased.

James had fought for thirty thousand years and had grasped the Elemental Inversion Formation during the battle.

He had learned numerous exquisite sword techniques and had incorporated them into the First Sword Realm.

He had even mastered the Second Sword Realm.

With these two Sword Realms, James was powerful enough to seize the power of the entire world and become a giant.

Nonetheless, this was only the beginning of James’ cultivation path.

Regarding the mysterious man in the Tribulation World, Sophie was very curious as well.

However, there were many powerful cultivators in antiquity.

It was not unusual for someone to be trapped in the Tribulation World while going through the Ancestral God Tribulation.

James sat on the bed and chatted with Sophie.

Thirty thousand years.

He had spent thirty thousand years in the Tribulation World.

In the Celestial Abode, the humans from Earth had stayed there and cultivated for thirty thousand years as well.

It was against the heavens to cultivate.

The higher the cultivation base, the harder it was to gain strength, making breakthroughs even more difficult.

Even though thirty thousand years had passed, the strength of humans from Earth in the Celestial Abode did not soar to terrifying heights.

During his conversation with Sophie, James learned that the strongest people in the Celestial Abode were those who had consumed the dragon’s blood back then.

The benefits of the dragon’s blood became apparent as their ranks advanced.

Overall, these individuals shared a similar level of strength.

They were all around Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Stage.

“Phew!” James took a deep breath.

He had thought that once he had overcome the Heavenly Tribulation, his strength would dwarf everyone else’s on Earth.

He never expected that while he was grasping swordsmanship, Earth’s humans in the Celestial Abode did not skimp on cultivating either.

They continued to cultivate rigorously, leaving him far behind.

After a brief conversation with Sophie, James lay on his bed and rested.

He was exhausted.

He had fought relentlessly for thirty thousand years.

During these thirty thousand years, dared not to stop even for a second.

Since once he stopped, nothing but death awaited him.

The battle of thirty thousand years had instilled in him the habit of fighting automatically.

His body fought instinctively while his mind was understanding swordsmanship.

Now that he had relaxed, he felt exhaustion throughout his entire body.

Lying in bed, he did not want to move at all.


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