The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2638

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2638–James saw the Korinthian Army.

There were a lot of people in his field of vision.

They were closely packed, rolling in like a tidal wave.

Behind the army were some flying battleships.

Every flying battleship was massive, capable of carrying at least millions of people.

He stood in mid-air, hands behind his back, his face calm.

At this moment, some Sages had gathered on a flying battleship of the Korinthian Army in the center.

The leader was Korinth’s Chancellor.

Korinth’s Chancellor was named Yifioss Juel.

He was once a disciple of the Korinth Sect and was skilled in the art of divination.

The flying battleship came to a stop.

“What’s happening?” Chancellor Yifioss asked.

“Report!” A soldier walked over, knelt on one knee on the ground, and said, “Chancellor, someone is obstructing the path ahead.” “How many people?” “One.

» Chancellor Yifioss was furious.

He snapped, “Just run over them.

We cannot allow one person to cause a delay in our journey.” “Chancellor, the aura on him is quite powerful.” The Chancellor stood up and said, “T’ll go check it out.” He got to his feet and flew straight ahead.

Many Sages trailed behind him.

They flew quickly.

They soon arrived at the very front of the army and saw James standing in mid-air in front of them.

James was dressed in a black robe.

His hands were behind his back, and he had a serene look on his face.

Regardless, such a man was emitting a terrifying aura.

This aura was murderous intent.

The army ahead had detected this murderous intent and did not dare to advance hastily.

“What a terrifying aura.” The Chancellor sensed the murderous intent emanating from within James’ body.

He furrowed his brow slightly.

Immediately after, he walked up to him, stood in mid-air, and looked at him.

He greeted him and said, “Sir, who are you? Why are you blocking the path of the Korinthian Army?”

James smiled faintly and said, “Despite being one of the most powerful nations in this world, are you perhaps unaware that the Emperor of Sangria has been replaced?

Is it possible that you are unaware that the Emperor of Sangria is currently a man?” This information was indeed known to Korinth.

After hearing these words, Chancellor Yifioss deduced James’ identity.

He was the current Emperor of Sangria.

At this moment, Winnie, Delainey, and Walganus also appeared behind James.

However, they did not move closer.

They simply watched in the distance.

All of them wanted to see how James would deal with this army of 150 million men.

Some of Korinth’s Sages furrowed their brow.

“He is the Emperor of Sangria?” “Sangria has a curse.

Men are unable to stay in Sangria for more than a month.

How is he able to stay in Sangria?” “He’s the person who was going through the tribulation.” “His strength is quite powerful.

He has already reached Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage.

Soon he’ll become a Sage.” There was much discussion among the Sages of Korinth.

James stood in mid-air, hands behind his back, and said nonchalantly, “I don’t want to kill anyone.

Leave Sangria immediately, and I’ll act as if you have never arrived.” James’ voice rang out.

“Hmph.” From the crowd in the distance, there was a cold scoff.

Immediately after, a man walked out.

He was dressed in a golden robe.

A broadsword manifested from his hand, and he carried it on his shoulder.

Looking at James with contempt on his face, he said, “Though you haven’t become a Sage yet, you have the audacity to talk nonsense.

I’m going to annihilate you today, new Emperor of Sangria.” After saying that, he took a step forward.

In an instant, he appeared in front of James.

The broadsword slung over his shoulder was already cutting down.

The blade of the sword was golden and radiated golden Sword Light.

Before the blade had fallen, the golden Sword Light had already struck James’ head.

This man’s strength had surpassed the Tribulation Rank and reached the Sage Rank’s Third Stage.

As he struck with all his might, his frightening Sword Light could undoubtedly kill a cultivator who had yet to enter the Sage Rank.


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