The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2639

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2639–However, the Sword Light did not cause James any harm.

Immediately after, the golden broadsword struck down at James’ head.

James did not move a muscle.

His opponent, on the other hand, was jolted and sent flying by a terrifying force.

James had fought tooth and nail in the Tribulation World for thirty thousand years.

Throughout these thirty thousand years, he was constantly attacked by lightning.

His physical strength had grown to the point where it was frightening even to himself.

Behind James, Winnie, Delainey, and Walganus all had their mouths opened in shock.

Walganus took a deep breath and said, “The strength of the person who attacked has reached Sage Rank’s Third Stage.

Despite using all of his strength, he was unable to harm James.

What exactly has James been through in the Tribulation World?” In the distance, dozens of Korinth’s Sages were completely stupefied.

The Korinthian Army was completely struck dumb.

“You…” The man who had been jolted appeared astounded.

He could not help but exclaim, “You…

Why is your physical strength so strong? This is impossible.

This is entirely impossible.

You’re not a Sage yet.

How is it possible for you to have such incredible physical strength?” He was in disbelief.

How could the physical strength of someone who had yet to become a Sage be so terrifying? “Attack together.” In an instant, eight people stepped forward.

All eight of them were Sages.

The weakest of them had reached Sage Rank’s Third Stage.

Chancellor Yifioss had a grave expression.

However, he did not stop them.

The Emperor had given an order that they must take over Sangria.

It was fine to let these Sages test James’ capabilities.

Looking at these eight Sages, James’ expression gradually became cold and detached.

He said coldly, “I don’t want to kill anyone.

However, if you have a death wish, you can’t blame me.” “Kill him.” “Attack.” “Destroy this brat.” “I’m interested to find out just how impressive this brat is.” The eight Sages launched their attack immediately.

Whoosh! In James’ hand, a ray of Sword Light appeared, followed bya brilliant longsword.

It was the Primordial Dragon Blade.

The Primordial Dragon Blade was once broken.

However, Sophie had reconstructed the Primordial Dragon Blade for him a long time ago.

As he held the Primordial Dragon Blade in his hand, James’ body flashed.

Everyone only saw a flash of Sword Light.

Before everyone realized what was going on, the bodies of the eight Sages who were charging at James were cut into halves and fell from the sky, eventually landing on the ground.

“Wha—?” Walganus was completely flabbergasted.

He was a swordsman as well.

Even if his swordsmanship was not unrivaled in the world, he thought it was at the very least exceptional.

However, after he saw James struck with his sword, he was stunned.

“This… What is this sword technique?” Walganus exclaimed.

Far away, Korinth’s Chancellor, Ylfioss, and the rest of the Sages were completely flummoxed.

Among the eight Sages, the weakest was at Sage Rank’s Third Stage.

They had all attacked at once, yet they were all actually killed in an instant with a single move.

What was more crucial was that they could not even see clearly how James struck with his sword.

James returned to his initial spot and put away the Primordial Dragon Blade.

With his hands behind his back and a calm expression on his face, he looked ahead at Korinth’s Chancellor, and said indifferently, “If you don’t want your army of a hundred and fifty million men to perish here, take your army and leave Sangria.” His voice rang out across the horizon.

The Sages of Korinth felt terror arose from the depths of their souls.


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