The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2640

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2640–James was too powerful.

He was so powerful that terror arose in the hearts of the remaining Korinth’s Sages.

He had annihilated eight powerhouses ranging from the Sage Rank’s Third to Fifth Stage with a single move.

What the hell was that? An individual with such terrifying fighting power had never existed before, at least not in the history of Korinth.

“Retreat.” After careful consideration, Chancellor Ylfioss gave the order to retreat.

As soon as he gave the order, the army of 150 million men began to retreat.

Soon, they vanished from the sight of James and the others.

When James saw that the army had gone far away, he finally felt relieved.

He turned around and noticed the few stunned individuals.

He walked over in mid-air, a displeased look on his face, and said, “Didn’t I tell you to stay in Macchia City? Why did you follow me here?” Winnie was the first to speak.

She said, “Your Majesty, we were just worried about you.” Delainey nodded her head.

Walganus was staring at James intensely.

He could not help but ask, “James, your sword technique is quite terrifying.

What exactly is the sword technique that you cultivate?” “It’s nothing.” James did not dwell on the topic.

He changed the subject instead and said, “Alright.

Let’s go back.” He turned around and left first, followed by others.

Soon, they were back in Macchia City.

In the main hall of Macchia City’s City Lord’s Mansion, Walgnus said, “Although the Korinthian Army retreated this time, Korinth has been attacking our country persistently.

I believe they won’t give up so easily.

Following the army’s withdrawal this time, they will definitely dispatch the country’s true powerhouses the next time they show up.” “Mhm.

That’s right.” “Korinth is too powerful.

It has a Korinth Sect, and there are countless Sages in the Korinth Sect.” “The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch, who is at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage, might show up the next time.” Many generals were not at all happy about the retreat of the Korinthian Army.

Instead, they were very worried.

However, the man in charge, James, appeared unconcerned.

He said, “There’s nothing to worry about.

We will take things as they come.

Go and get some rest, everyone.” “Yes, Your Majesty.” The generals only then left the main hall.

James walked out of the main hall as well and headed toward the courtyard.

Korinth’s Chancellor had sent the news back to Korinth promptly.

The Emperor of Korinth, Xandalous, was swiftly informed of the situation on the front lines.

“He killed eight Sages with a single blow when the strongest of them was at Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage?” Xandalous furrowed his brow slightly.

Immediately after, he went to the courtyard and once again arrived at the front of the simple bamboo house.

Standing in front of the door with a respectful face, he called out, “ Grand Patriarch.” Creak…

The door was opened, and an elder walked out.

Xandalous did not wait for the elder to speak before reporting immediately, “Sir, news just came from the front lines.

The Emperor of Sangria has changed.

Right now, Sangria’s Emperor is aman.

This person stopped our army from advancing.

At the frontlines, eight Sages surrounded and attacked this person.

“The weakest of these eight Sages was at the Sage Rank’s Third Stage.

The strongest was at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

“However, although the eight Sages all attacked at the same time, they were instantly killed by the Emperor of Sangria with a single move.” In the face of the Grand Patriarch of the Korinth family, Xandalous did not have any temper.

His face was full of respect.

“Oh?” The elder’s face showed a hint of surprise.

“He killed eight Sages with just a single move.

When did such a powerful individual appear in Sangria? He is a man, even.

There is a curse in Sangria.

Men are unable to stay there for more than a month.

What’s going on?” “{ don’t know, sir.” Xandalous shook his head.

The elder started to ponder.

After a while, he said, “Go to the Patriarch of the Korinth Sect and request that he personally intervene to kill the Emperor of Sangria.

This matter cannot be put off any longer.

Get on it right now.”

“Yes, sir.”


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