The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2643

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2643–James waited for the Korinthian Army to strike at Macchia City again.

However, there was no movement by the Korinthian Army in the days that proceeded.

James was unaware that the Korinth Sect’s Patriarch had already made his way to Macchia City.

However, despite being a Sage in the Eighth Stage, he could not sneak into Macchia City to investigate because of the high security.

Since he could not infiltrate Macchia City, he had no choice but to turn back to the Yantargh Canyon and join up with the Korinthian Army.

“What’s the situation there, Sir?”

The chancellor prodded the Patriarch as soon as he arrived at the Yantargh Canyon.

In a solemn tone, Korinth Sect’s Patriarch said, “Macchia City is heavily guarded, so I couldn’t infiltrate the city.”

The chancellor asked, “Then what do we do now?”

The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch thought for a while and said, “There’s no other option but to force our way into the city.Pass on the order and assemble our forces.We’re going to lay siege on Macchia City again.I’ll be assisting you in your efforts this time.If Sangria’s Emperor is brave enough to show himself, I’ll eliminate him on the spot.”

The chancellor smiled slyly.

“With your help, I’m sure everything will proceed smoothly.Taking into account our army’s current strength, we’ll be able to completely take over Macchia City in three days if we take out their Emperor.After conquering Macchia City, Sangria will practically belong to us.”


The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch nodded.

The chancellor immediately took out his military token.

The token floated in the air and emitted a golden light.

Seeing the glow of the military token, the troops immediately assembled and departed toward Macchia City for another attack.

Macchia City was immediately alerted when the Korinthian Army set off.

A female soldier hastened into the main hall of the City Lord’s Mansion and kneeled on the ground, saying, “We have news! Your Majesty, the Korinthian Army is heading toward Macchia City once more.”

Hearing this, James’ expression darkened, and his eyes flashed with bloodlust.

James murmured, “It seems the Korinthian Army isn’t going to back off unless we teach them a harsh lesson.”

Now that he was Sangria’s Emperor, he intended to ensure Sangria’s safety.

James stood up and bellowed, “Pass on the order! Get the entire army on standby and await my next instructions!”


After learning that the Korinthian Army was launching another attack on Macchia City, James decided he would be ruthless with the Korinthian Army so they would be unable to plan another invasion for a good while.

Macchia City’s 50,000,000 troops stood at the ready.

Meanwhile, James led Walganus, Delainey, and Winnie out of the city.

The four traveled in the direction of Yantargh Canyon.

After flying non-stop for a day, the four finally came to a halt.

They hovered in the sky over some ruins.

The area below them was a complete wreck, and all the plants in the area had been razed to the ground.

The area was reduced to this state after James went through his previous tribulation.

James said, “We’ll stay here and lay in wait for the Korinthian Army.”

Walganus said, “Judging by Korinthian Acmy’s traveling speed, they’l] appear in this area in about two days.”

James gave a nod and said calmly, “Mhm.

I don’t care who shows up this time, I’m not going to show them any mercy.”


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