The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2644

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2644–The four of them remained around the area for the time being as they awaited the Korinthian Army’s arrival.

They all gave off an air of nonchalance because they knew the strongest person in Korinth was the Korinth Sect’s Patriarch.

Apart from Delainey, the other three people present could easily defeat or even kill the Korinth Sect’s Patriarch.

“Leave this to me, Your Majesty.”

Winnie stepped forward and looked at James imploringly.

As Winnie continuously improved her cultivation rank, her Scythe of Judgment grew stronger.

However, she had not fought against a real enemy and did not know how strong her Scythe of Judgment was exactly.


James shot down Winnie’s request to fight alone.

“Stay put for now and don’t take action without my orders.”

“F-Fine,” Winnie answered reluctantly.

Delainey, on the other hand, remained silent.

Although she reached the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage, she recognized she was no match for an opponent at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.

Walganus also remained calm.

The four waited patiently in the ruins.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

After that, countless troops gradually appeared in their sight.

The soldiers advanced forward like a tsunami, and the sound of their marching was deafening.

As they advanced, the skies filled with dust.

Walganus announced, “They’re here.”

The other three immediately leaped into the air.

Walganus also jumped into the air after them.

The four floated in a row, forming a straight line.

The army spotted James and his companions almost immediately and stopped advancing.

Korinth Sect’s Patriarch flew over with a few other Sages in tow, appearing 10,000 meters away from James’ party.

“That’s him.”

The chancellor stood behind Korinth Sect’s Patriarch and said, “That man in the middle wearing a black robe is Sangria’s current Emperor.

His strength is at the peak of the Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage.

He’s very close to becoming a Sage.

However, he has explosive strength and killed a few Sages with just one move.”

The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch gazed at James and could sense the terrifying killing intent from James.

He felt like he was being stared down at by a vicious beast as he looked at James, and a sliver of fear rose in his heart.

However, his anxiety immediately dissipated after he reminded himself of James’ cultivation rank.

“It’s okay.Leave him to me.”

The trepidation in Korinth Sect’s Patriarch was gone, and he calmly approached James.

He stepped forward and immediately appeared a few hundred meters away from James.

As soon as he approached, Winnie and Delainey raised their guards.

The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch looked at James and asked, “Are you Sangria’s current Emperor?”

James said, “That’s right.I’ve already given Korinth one last chance, but you guys didn’t seem to appreciate my mercy.Since you all have a death wish, don’t blame me for not holding back.”

James replied to him in a calm voice, but his tone was as bitter as ice.

The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch responded in an unbothered tone, “The Kingdom of Korinth has always cherished talented people.How about I give you a chance to join us? I’ll introduce you to His Majesty, and I believe your talent will be appreciated.”


James sneered.

The face of the Korinth Sect’s Patriarch darkened.

“I’ve already given you a chance, young man.However, you decided to squander it.You’ve brought whatever is to happen fully upon yourself.”

After he finished speaking, a fearsome energy erupted from his body.

Sage Energy flowed through his body, and he fully demonstrated the strength of an Eighth Stage Sage.

His energy was powerful and was enough to distort the space around him, making his surroundings seem surreal.


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