The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2645

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2645–James ordered sternly.

His enemy this time was not an ordinary person but a powerful Sage at the Eighth Stage.

Although James’ physical strength was at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage, his opponent was three stages higher than him and could feasibly break through his body’s defenses or possibly even kill him.

James was about to utilize Sacrilegious Ascension, the dragon bone, and the Five Elements of Genesis to augment his strength.

Before he could do anything, Winnie had already dashed out ahead of him.

“Our Emperor is the noblest man in our country.

You’re unworthy of being His Highness’ opponent.

If you want to fight him, you must get past me first.”

Winnie hovered in the air.

Dressed in dazzling golden armor, she looked rather dashing as her long black hair fluttered in the wind.

“This girl.”

James gave her an exasperated look.

He refused to let Winnie get involved in the fight, yet she defied his orders.

Korinth Sect’s Patriarch was taken aback to see a woman challenging him.

He asked, “Who might you be?”

He could sense that Winnie’s energy was formidable but could not ascertain her cultivation rank.

He could not help but wonder when did such a powerful woman exist in Sangria.

Sangria’s most well-known powerhouses were the former Empress and Crepe Myrtle Sword Master.

However, the female soldier before him was clearly neither of those women.

Winnie snorted coldly and said, “I’m just an ordinary soldier of Sangria.”

After she replied to him, her body flickered and appeared in the sky.

With a quick backhand strike, an illusory palm hurtled down from the sky.

The palm was like a comet that rushed down with great force.

James was also astonished by the scene.

“What Supernatural Power is that?”

Winnie was his daughter, so he knew almost everything about her.

Apart from the Scythe of Judgment in her body, she had no other special abilities.

The martial art skill that Winnie was using was evidently a complex, secret Supernatural Art.

James thought, ‘Could Ms.

Sophie have taught it to her? Almost everyone in the Celestial Abode was a human from Earth, and none of them had mastered any sort of intricate martial art skills except for Sophie.

With just a flick of her wrist, Winnie summoned a terrifying illusory palm.

With tremendous force, the palm crashed down toward the ground like a huge mountain.

The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch immediately reacted, gathering all his strength in his palm.

Then, he threw out his arms to deflect the palm that descended from the sky.

Boom! The two forces collided in the sky, causing an explosion and a shock wave that spread through the surrounding like ripples through a water’s surface.

“Stand back!”

The chancellor immediately ordered the soldiers to retreat to a safe distance.

Winnie’s palm attack was immediately destroyed.

At the same time, she sensed a deadly force sweeping toward her.

The impact struck her body and sent her flying.

Winnie’s Blood Energy churned, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You overestimate yourself.”

The Korinth Sect’s Patriarch sneered, summoned a glowing long sword in his hand, then charged at Winnie at full speed.

He brought his sword down on her, wanting to get rid of Winnie and end the battle in one decisive move.

James sensed that Winnie was in danger.

Just when he was about to intervene, he suddenly felt a powerful force gathering within Winnie’s body.

James thought, ‘Is she about to use the Scythe of Judgment?’ He knew that the Scythe of Judgement was the weapon of Heaven’s Adjudicators.

James was curious to see how powerful the weapon was.

He did not rush in and watched the battle from a distance, hoping to witness the Scythe of Judgement’s might for himself.


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