The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2658

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2658–The time period of half a year was nothing to cultivators.

After the Blademaster of Mount Grinch spoke, he lightly flicked his wrist.

A dazzling light emerged from his palm, and a small warship appeared.

The warship gradually grew bigger and eventually stopped when it reached the size of a building.

The Blademaster of Mount Grinch said, “I’ve spent countless years building this flying battleship. Its defenses are so robust that even monsters of the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth

Stage won’t be able to lay a scratch on it.

“There are many powerful monsters out at sea. It’ll be safer if we travel on my flying battleship.

“Go ahead and board the ship.”

After speaking, the Blademaster of Mount Grinch boarded the flying battleship.

James and the others also got on shortly after that.

After they boarded the battleship, it slowly began to soar toward the sky and rapidly made its way to the oceans. A Sage traveling at full speed could not even compare to the speed of this battleship.

The battleship was huge and very well-equipped.

James knew the journey would take six months, so he found himself a room to stay in for the remainder of the trip.

He thought about attempting to reach the Sage Rank while on the battleship.

However, he dismissed the thought after a while.

The Heavenly Tribulation he faced was already terrifying enough. James was worried about being sent to the Tribulation World again.

The battleship sailed quickly through the sea.

It was equipped with advanced technology which could predict dangers, including tsunamis, and spatial voids among other things.

James did not worry about the journey and rested with peace of mind.

Time flew by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

The battleship sailed smoothly and safely traversed the hazards they encountered along the way.

However, the battleship suddenly came to a stop after three months.

James was sitting in a lotus position cultivating when an urgent knock sounded on his room door.

He got up, walked over, and opened the door.

Seeing Walganus outside the door, James asked, “What’s wrong?”

After James asked the question, he sensed that an intense battle had taken place above deck. He immediately rushed to the ship’s deck.

Standing on the deck, James saw a man locked in fierce combat with a monster in the sky.

That man was the Blademaster of Mount Grinch, and the monster he was fighting was a dragon.

The dragon had a gargantuan body and was tens of thousands of meters long. It had black scales all over its body and exuded tremendous power.

The Blademaster of Mount Grinch held a long sword in his hand which radiated with remarkable energy. He slashed the dragon’s body a few times, but his attacks barely scratched his opponent. In response, the dragon swung its massive tail at him and injured him.

The battle lasted a while, and eventually, the Blademaster of Mount Grinch had to retreat.

The defeated man hastily returned to the deck of the battleship.

The black dragon immediately attacked the flying battleship. It opened its mouth and shot a dark beam at the ship.

In the nick of time, a golden halo appeared around the flying battleship, blocking the dragon’s attack.

The flying battleship made a hasty retreat away from the dragon.

The dragon understood that the battleship was a powerful magical item, and would be impossible to destroy on its own. Thus, the dragon chose not to pursue it.

After putting distance between themselves and the dragon, the Blademaster of Mount

Grinch coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Are you alright?” asked James.

The Blademaster of Mount Grinch sat in a lotus position on the ground and drew upon his Sage Energy to heal his wounds. His wrinkled face was pale as he said, “That dragon was quite vicious. It was at the Sage Rank’s Fourteenth Stage which is one stage higher than mine. I’m no match for it since its physical strength overpowers mine.”


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