The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2665

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2665–James shrugged and said, “How would I know? That man may be young but, he is relatively strong. There must be a lot of strong people among the Seafolk. I don’t think we should take forceful action here. We should return to the city and devise a better plan.”

‘There’s nothing else we can do for now it seems.”

Walganus could not come up with a different plan.

Therefore, three returned to the city.

After they entered the city, they noticed the man in the golden robe had been tailing them.

The three kept up with their act and bought healing elixirs as well as other supplies in the city.

Afterward, they headed to a bar, sat at a corner table, and ordered some wine. They slowly drank their wine as they began to formulate a new plan.

Walganus looked at their stalkyer nearby with a look of annoyance on his face. He said, ‘That guy has been following us nonstop. I really want to just kill him.”

James chuckled and asked, “Can you really though?”

Walganus replied embarrassedly, “I don’t think so. He looks calculative and seems like a tough opponent. He’s at least at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.”

“It seems his status among the Seafolk is pretty high. Let me try talking to him again.”

James picked up a bottle of wine from their table and approached the golden-robed man. He sat down and smiled at him. “Since you’re already in a bar, why don’t you have yourself some wine? Here, have some of ours.”

The man in the golden robe looked at the wine James placed on his table. The temptation made him inadvertently gulp.

However, he turned it down with an indifferent expression. “No thanks.”

“Come on, have a glass’”

James picked up a wine glass, poured some wine, and slid it over to the man. However, the man did not pick up the wine glass.

James left the wine glass in front of him.

In the next moment, James appealed in a pleading voice. “We’re really interested in learning from the Seafolk. Could you please help us, Sir?”

The man looked at James, the initial scowl on his face softened slightly as he said,

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you. We Seafolk have our rules. Outsiders are only allowed to stay temporarily in our territory and aren’t permitted to stay here that long. ”

‘Then what about the Blademaster of Mount Grinch?”

The man interrupted James and said, “I have no idea who the Blademaster of Mount

Grinch is or how he learned our swordsmanship. You should just give up on the idea.”

“Is there really no room for negotiation?”


James pleaded repeatedly but was refused each time. After chatting with the man for some time, he returned to his seat, leaving the wine glass behind.James shrugged at Walganus and said, “I’ve done my best.”

“Since we can’t persuade him, we’ll have to take forceful action.”

Walganus suggested with a grim expression.

He was determined to get the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, even if he had to destroy the Seafolk’s territory.

‘This again?”

James rolled his eyes and said, “We’re in the Seafolk’s territory, and they must have countless powerhouses among them. Do you really think we can achieve our goals through brute forcing things? Listen to me on this. I’m sure we’ll find a way.”

Walganus’ expression eased up. He looked at James and said, “Alright. We’ll listen to you. I’d like to see what you can come up with.”

After speaking, Walganus reclined on the chair and fell silent.

James picked up a glass of wine and drank by himself. Meanwhile, he began thinking about how to extend their stay in the Seafolk’s territory.

They would have to stay longer to investigate the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword’s whereabouts.

After racking his mind for a while, a small smile formed on his face.

“I know what to do.”

“What?” Walganus and Yanina turned to him. James said slyly, “I’ve come up with the perfect plan.”

Walganus urged him anxiously, “Cut to the chase. What’s the plan?”


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