The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2666

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2666–James whispered a few words to Walganus and Yanina.

Their faces immediately lit up with joy.

Walganus nodded and said, “Yeah! That’ll definitely work!”

James stood up and walked toward the man in the golden robe nearby. He clasped his hands and said, “My name is James Caden. Many years ago, a cultivator entered the Seafolk’s territory and learned unrivaled swordsmanship from the Seafolk. Since

I’m also a swordsman, I came to challenge the Seafolk after learning about the spectacular swordsmanship the Sealfolk possess.”

Hearing this, the man in the golden robe stood up and sneered. “You want to challenge the Seafolk?”

James answered him seriously, ‘Yes.”

“… And you’re planning on doing so with your current strength?”

The man in the golden robes analyzed James’ strength. James did not conceal his energy, allowing the man to discern his cultivation rank. The man deduced that James was only at the Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage and found out he had not even reached the Sage Rank yet.

‘Yes, I’ll challenge you as I am.”

James parted his lips and replied confidently, showing no hesitation at all.

Their conversation attracted many people’s attention in the bar, and everyone began to whisper excitedly.

‘These humans from the outside world sure are bold.”

‘They must be suicidal since they want to challenge us.”

James looked at the man in the golden robe and said calmly, “I’d like to have a oneon-one battle and I’ll extend my challenge to every Seafolk. Anyone that considers themselves as an unrivaled swordsman can accept my challenge.”

The man in the golden robe picked up his sword on the table and walked outside.

Then, he said, “Let’s fight in the city’s arena.”

Hearing this, James turned to Walgasnus and said quietly, “See, I told you he’d agree to it.”

After speaking, James followed the man in the golden robe out of the bar and toward the city arena.

“Quick, let’s go watch them.”

“Hurry! This is going to be exciting!”

“An outsider is challenging the Blade Sect’s prodigy!”

Many people inside the bar followed them and spread the news of their fight.

The golden-robed man was none other than a disciple of the Seafolk’s Blade Sect. He was a prodigy and highly talented in swordsmanship.

However, he was punished for breaking the rules and was sent to a remote city to be a guard.

The whole city was thrown into a frenzy upon learning that an outsider had challenged the Blade Sect’s prodigy.

At that moment, a middle-aged man stood before an old man in the City Lord’s

Mansion and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Elder. I’ll help spread the news inviting all the talented young men in the city to join the tournament.”

“Alright.” The old man nodded slightly.

The old man was the same one that opened the formation that allowed James’ party to enter the island.

He was an Elder of the Seafolk’s Blade Sect and was visiting the city to select a few talented people.

At that moment, a soldier hurried into the mansion and reported, “My Lord, an outsider has challenged the Blade Sect’s prodigy, Sheldon Hughes.

“What? An outsider challenged Sheldon?” The middle-aged man was stunned by the news.

The Blade Sect’s Elder was also puzzled and asked, “What happened?”

The soldier replied, “I’m not sure about the situation either, but news has spread that

Sheldon and the outsiders have set off to the city’s arena.

“Haha! Interesting!”

The Blade Sect’s Elder stroked his white beard and said bemusedly, “Let’s go watch.”

The city’s arena was large and tens of kilometers wide. There was a protective formation around the arena in the form of a golden halo.

Two people stood in the arena.

One was James, and the other was Sheldon.

The two stared each other down from opposite sides.


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