The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2668

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2668–James looked at him disappointedly and turned to leave the arena. He walked over to Walganus and Yanina, saying, “Let’s go. The Seafolk’s swordsmanship is nothing but trash. It wasn’t worth traveling all the way here to challenge them.”

Although James did not exclaim loudly, it was just loud enough for everyone present to hear him.

Sheldon stood speechless in the arena, insulted by his overwhelming defeat. He was a prodigy of the Seafolk’s Blade Sect.

Not only was he talented in swordsmanship, but he even mastered the Blade Sect’s most difficult technique. However, he made a mistake because of his bad temper and was punished to preserve the order in a suburban city.

James’ words were like a sharp knife cutting through his heart.

He was willing to take the insult if it was only directed at him, but could not allow just anyone to insult his sect.

Sheldon appeared before James in a flash and blocked James’ path with his sword.

“What’s wrong? Can’t accept your defeat?” James looked at him.

Sheldon had a grim expression as he replied, “You might have defeated me but, it doesn’t prove that you’re powerful. Besides, you didn’t even defeat me in terms of sword skills. I don’t care if you insult me but I won’t stand for you insulting my sect.

The Blade Sect’s swordsmanship is well-known and can easy trump any other sword technique.”

James smiled. “So you’re saying I didn’t defeat you with my swordsmanship? Thus, you’re unsatisfied with the outcome and want me to demonstrate my swordmanship skills?”

Sheldon nodded and said, “That’s right. I want us to fight only using sword techniques. We won’t compare our cultivation rank or strength, just sword techniques alone. Do you dare to accept my challenge?”

From Sheldon’s point of view, James had used a Secret Art to hide his actual cultivation rank, which led him into thinking James was not even a Sage. Yet James’ actual strength far surpassed his estimations.

As such, he challenged James’ swordsmanship. With the sword techniques he had learned, he thought it would be simple to defeat James.

James replied casually, “Sure. I’ll do as you want.”

‘He wants to compare our sword skills? I’m not trying to be proud, but even I’m afraid of my own swordsmanship.’

James’ swordsmanship was inspired by the Heavenly Path Embodiment. The Heavenly Path Embodiment had to be the strongest entity in the universe. Sheldon got back in the arena. James followed suit.

Sheldon drew his sword, pointed it at James, and said, “Come at me with your sword! Let me see if you have the skills to back up your words.”

In the next moment, James brought out the Primordial Dragon Blade from inside the

Celestial Abode and it appeared in his hand. He gripped the sword and looked at

Sheldon opposite him, then grinned. “You can make the first move.”

Sheldon snorted coldly, and then he quickly lunged forward.

His long sword quickly plunged toward James. He used a sword technique from the

Blade Sect that focused mainly on speed and unpredictability.

The sword techniques were as fast as lightning, making it hard for an opponent to counter or parry.

However, James saw that the sword technique was full of flaws.

Just as he got closer to James, Sheldon suddenly changed his strike.

James smiled and raised the Primordial Dragon Blade to repel Sheldon’s attacks instantly. The Primordial Dragon Blade slid across Sheldon’s blade, directly heading for his body’s vital points.

Sheldon quickly twirled the sword in his hand and tried to launch his own counterattack.

James already expected his counterattack and responded accordingly. Immediately afterward, the Primordial Dragon Blade was pressed against Sheldon’s chest. James pressed his sword against Sheldon’s chest and asked, “Do you have anything else to say?”


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