The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2670

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2670–“What’s so funny?”

The Blade Sect’s Elder was baffled by James’ sudden laughter.


James calmed down and said earnestly, “I just think it’s a great honor to compete with a great swordsman like you. After you, Sir.”

James made a gesture toward the arena.

The elder headed to the arena’s center.

James followed behind him.

The two stood inside the arena and stared at each other.

A golden light flashed in the hand of the Blade Sect’s Elder and materialized into a long, golden sword. The sword’s blade was a bright gold and glowed with a golden light.

At the same time, there were mysterious scripts engraved on the blade, giving away the sword’s origin with a single glance.

James immediately had a theory about where the swore came from.

He said, “That’s a very nice sword, Sir. I’ve seen countless weapons in the past. Yours is one of the best I’ve seen.”

James began to praise the sword.

The elder replied humbly, “You’re flattering me. It’s just an ordinary sword.”

James grinned and asked, “Almost all Seafolk practice swordsmanship, so there must be many amazing weapons here. Since you must have seen your share of great weapons, what sword can be worthy of being called the best in this world?”

“The best in this word?”

The elder began to deliberate.

After a while, he replied, “If you want to know which is the best in the world, it’ll have to be our Grand Patriarch’s sword.”


James’ curiosity was piqued. He asked, “Can you tell me more about it. Sir?”

The elder replied, “Our Grand Patriarch was originally a rogue cultivator. He obtained a great weapon by chance and ir contained unrivaled swordsmanship. Then, he adventured to the coast and came to this island. He settled down and began to understand swordsmanship. After he learned multiple sword techniques, he created the Blade Sect.”

Hearing this, James’ heart skipped a beat.

‘Could the Seafolk’s Grand Patriarch be the one that snatched the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword?

‘Is the great weapon he speaks of be the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword?’

James did not ask the questions he had in his heart. Instead, he sighed and said, “It’s a pity I was born in this era. If I were born in your Grand Patriarch’s era, I might’ve had the chance to talk about swordsmanship with him.”

‘You’re cocky, young man.”

The Blade Sect’s Elder looked at James, smiled faintly, and said, “Do you know who our Grand Patriarch is? Do you know how high our Grand Patriarch’s cultivation rank is or how perfect his swordsmanship is?”

James smirked. “I don’t know but if I were in the same era as him, I’m sure I’ll be able to defeat him.”

He was full of confidence.

“If you beat me, you’ll have to chance to meet him.” The Blade Sect’s Elder stroked his white beard.


Shocked, James inquired, “What did you say? I’ll have the chance to meet him if I beat you?”

‘That’s correct.” The Blade Sect’s Elder nodded.

James said in surprise, ‘There’s a curse on this world, and no living being can live more than a million years. Your Grand Patriarch is someone from countless years ago. How will I have the chance to meet him?”


The Blade Sect’s elder smiled and said, “I’m not going to hide it from you. Actually, there is a divine fruit on our island. Anyone who consumes it will not be affected by the curse and will have an infinite lifespan. It’s one of the main reasons our Grand Patriarch chose to settle here.”

“Our Grand Patriarch consumed it many years ago.”

Hearing this, James was shocked.

There was a curse on this world that no living being was able to escape. He never expected divine objects that allowed one to defy the curse to exist on the island.

What kind of divine objects were they?

In that case, there really must be countless powerhouses on the island.


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