The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2671

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2671–The Blade Sect’s Elder seemed to have read through James’ thoughts. He smiled and said, “Although we have divine objects on this island, they’re very rare, and not all living beings can consume them.

“Only great prodigies and powerhouses are qualified to consume them.”

“Huff.” James took a deep breath.

He put away his thoughts for the time being and changed the topic, asking, “What kind of sword does the Blade Sect’s Grand Patriarch wield? I’m very interested in swords and love seeing different kinds of potent weapons.”

The Blade Sect’s Elder thought awhile and said, “Our Grand Patriarch has been in seclusion for many years. I’ve only seen him once but never had the chance to see his sword. However, I read about it in some ancient books. It’s a purple Divine Sword, and I think it’s called Crepe Myrtle.”

Hearing this, James heaved a sigh of relief.

The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword was indeed with the Seafolk’s Grand Patriarch.

However, he had more to worry about.

The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword was in the Seafolk’s Grand Patriarch’s hands. He was someone who had lived for countless years and hence must have been at a very high cultivation rank.

‘How would I be able to retrieve the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword now?

‘Would I have to rely on Sophie again?’

James took a deep breath and put his concerns away for the moment.

The most urgent task at hand was to defeat the Blade Sect’s Elder. He had to defeat the Blade Sect’s Elder to gain a chance to visit the Blade Sect.

As for the next step, he would have to think about it later.

James raised the Primordial Dragon Blade and said, “Go ahead and strike, Sir.”

The Blade Sect’s Elder smiled lightly and said, “You should make the first move, young man.”

James said lightly, “You won’t have a chance if I attack first.”

He was not trying to boast. It was the truth.

James had mastered the First and Second Stages of the Ancestral Sword Master’s swordsmanship. He only had two moves.

“You’re a very arrogant young man.”

The Blade Sect’s Elder looked calm. Although James had defeated a prodigy of the

Blade Sect, the Elder still was not impressed by him.

“In that case, I apologize in advance.”

James cut straight to the chase.

He held the Primordial Dragon Blade and quickly made a move.

With a flash, James charged toward the Blade Sect’s Elder with his sword. He swung his sword and instantly appeared before the Blade Sect’s Elder.

Before the Blade Sect’s Elder could react, James’ sword was already pressed against his chest.

‘What?” James looked shocked.

The Blade Sect’s Elder was shocked.

Rather than being slow to react to James’ attack, he was simply unsure of what to do to parry James’ attack.

As soon as James drew his sword, countless sword techniques flashed toward him, each being a top-tier technique.

Faced with such an attack, he could not block or counter it.

James’ sword was pressed against him in an instant.

“Do you admit defeat, Sir?” James asked with a smile.

“You… What kind of swordsmanship do you practice?”

The Blade Sect’s Elder felt a shiver down his spine and stared at James.

At that moment, thousands of people had gathered outside the arena.

These people were all shocked by the scene.

Everyone saw the entire arena filling up with James’ sword moves as soon as he moved.

The sword techniques flashed by quickly, and by the time they regained their senses,

James’ sword was already pressed against the chest of the Blade Sect’s Elder.

Everyone on the island was a Seafolk. Although they were not members of the Blade

Sect, the Blade Sect’s swordsmanship was passed on to every Seafolk.

Thus, everyone was shocked to see James’ swordsmanship


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