The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2675

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2675–The two chatted about James while he practiced and tried to comprehend the way of swordsmanship.

He was unsure whether his understanding was correct, but he decided to try it anyway.

From his understanding, any set of swordsmanship could be divided into the Five Great Sword Realms.

As of now, he had only comprehended the Five Great Sword Realms’ First and Second Stages. However, he had not yet understood the Five Great Sword Realms’

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Stages.

James closed his eyes.

Basic sword techniques emerged in his mind. He thought about the sword technique he learned a long time ago on an island on

Earth, the First Lunar and Terra Sword Art.

In the past, he simply copied the sword moves.

Now, he began refining the sword techniques.

The First Lunar and Terra Sword Art utilized True Lunar and Terra Energy. It was a fierce, domineering, and unpredictable sword technique that used the power of Lunar and Terra.

However, James had already stopped using True Lunar and Terra Energy. He suddenly made a move.

With a flash, his body appeared mid-air.

At that moment, his heart felt like the turbulent and violent tsunami happening outside the island. As he performed the First Lunar and Terra Sword Art, the Sword Energy that burst out from the Primordial Dragon Blade also matched the tsunami outside the formation, domineering and aggressive.

James did not use his True Essence but only practiced the sword techniques.

While practicing, he integrated the Sword Move, Sword Shadow, Sword Heart, and Sword Intention.

The highest stage of swordsmanship, Singularity, would give any sword technique he performed destructive strength.

However, James had not reached the stage of Singularity.

With his understanding of swordsmanship, he was still unable to reach Singularity. He attempted over and over again.

James randomly combined the sword techniques he had learned in the past, successfully integrating the Sword Move, Sword Shadow, Sword Heart, and Sword Intent.

Sheldon had forcibly severed the former swordsmanship he practiced. He was a fresh, new blank slate in swordsmanship. He got up and wanted to find James to inquire more about swordsmanship.

However, he could not find James in the inn. Thus, he looked around and eventually found James outside the city on a beach.

Sheldon stood in the distance and quietly watched James practice.

He could not sense any True Energy coming from James’ body. Although James was not using True Energy, his sword exuded powerful strength.

Yet, Sheldon could sense that James’ Sword Intent was the same as the tsunami outside of the formation.

“Is this the true way of swordsmanship?” Sheldon murmured.

“From the ancient books that the Grand Patriarch left for us, true swordsmanship could release great strength without relying on Sage Energy.

“James isn’t using any true Energy but can resist the tsunami’s force. Could it be he has already reached the threshold of cultivation?

“But, that doesn’t seem like the case. According to the ancient books left by the Grand Patriarch, one can only truly comprehend cultivation at the Divine Rank.”

Sheldon watched James practice in the distance in shock.


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