The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2681

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2681–James encountered many of the Blade Sect’s disciples along the way.

Soon, the trio reached the Blade Sect’s main mountain.

The main mountain was about 100,000 meters tall, and there was a staircase that led directly to the mountaintop. The staircase looked like a giant dragon circling the mountain, giving the mountain a very majestic vibe.

Many buildings could be seen on the mountaintop. The mountain was shrouded in white mist and looked like a paradise from a distance.

“Beyond this point is the main mountain. Ordinary disciples aren’t allowed to pass through this point.”

The three were blocked when they reached the mountain foot.

James took out the elder’s token and presented it to the guards.

After showing the token, the three passed through without any hindrance and began ascending the staircase to the mountaintop.

Halfway through, they saw a man in a white robe standing on the steps before them.

The robe had the word “sword” embroidered on it.

The man had decent features and was rather handsome. With his hands behind him, he calmly stared at James, Walganus, and Yanina, who were ascending the staircase.

“Do you also sense his hostile aura?”

Walganus looked up at the man in the white robe ahead of them. A bad premonition arose in his heart, and he reminded his companions, “Be careful. I sense a very strong murderous intent from him.”

James stopped, raised his head, and saw the man in the white robe.

However, to James, the man looked like a sharp blade exuding powerful Sword Intent.

The Sword Intent was cold, and it was enough to make one shudder as if they were within an ice abyss.

“He’s at the Sage Rank’s Thirty-sixth Stage and is close to the Divine Rank.”

Walganus stared at the man in the white robe with a solemn expression.

James could not help but cast a puzzled look at Walganus.

He could only feel the strong Sword Intent and cold wave emanating from the white robed man.

James was unable to sense the man’s cultivation rank.

However, Walganus could tell the man’s cultivation rank.

‘This Walganus sure is good at hiding his true strength,’ thought James.

James strode forward and stood ten meters away from the man in the white robe,

The man looked at James and the other two approaching him and asked calmly,

“Which one of you is James Caden?”

James took a few steps forward and replied, “I am.”


The man in the white robe smiled faintly and said, “Our Elder has sent a message back to the sect, saying you’re a highly skilled swordsman and that only my teacher and the Grand Patriarch are on par with you.”

James immediately guessed the man’s identity.

The white-robed man was a disciple of the Blade Sect’s current leader.

The Sect Leader’s cultivation rank must have been even higher if his disciple was already at the Sage Rank’s Thirty-sixth Stage.

Then, what was the Grand Patriarch’s cultivation rank?

James did not dare to even think about it.

He took a deep breath and discarded the thoughts in his mind.

James smiled at the white-robed man and said, “He’s exaggerating with the praises.”

The man in the white robe stared at James. Suddenly, a golden light ray appeared behind him and rushed into the sky to form a long golden sword.

The sword fell from the sky, and the man caught it.

After gripping the long golden sword, he titled it at James.

“I don’t know why you’ve come to the Blade Sect, but you’ll have to beat me to ascend this mountain,” said the white-robed man.

At that moment, many people were gathered at the mountaintop.

The person in the lead was a middle-aged man wearing a purple robe. Although he did not look old, his hair was completely white.

Behind him were some other Sect Elders.

These people stood atop the mountain and watched everything happening at the mountainside.


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