The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2682

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2682–James noticed the people standing on the mountaintop.

Although it was hard for him to deduce their cultivation ranks, he could sense they were very powerful and were most likely seniors in the Blade Sect.

James looked at the man in the white robe again.

The white-robed man held a long golden sword, and he looked like a war god as he emanated strong energy.

James smiled awkwardly and said, “I’m not here to challenge the Blade Sect.”

The man in the white robe smiled and said, “Oh, is that so? I heard a different story from our elder. He said you requested to see the sword techniques of our sect and already gained his permission. As long as you can withstand my sword, you can go through our sect’s sword techniques.”

The elder that James fought in the suburb city was of a significant position in the Blade Sect.

He was the Blade Sect’s Great Elder and was incredibly powerful, but he lost to James. The sect’s members were not really aware of the whole situation and only heard some rumors.

After they got news from the Great Elder, it caused a frenzy within the sect.

The man in the white robe was a disciple of the current Sect Leader. His name was Yuvan Baccaro.

Yuvan’s strength was unfathomable, and he was very close to reaching Consolidation.

Moreover, he was a very skilled swordsman. Excluding the Grand Patriarch who was in seclusion, he was ranked second in the sect, only inferior to the Sect Leader.

Thus, the Sect Leader specifically sent him to meet James.

The sect’s powerhouses were already aware as soon as James entered the Blade Sect.

Many of the Sect’s Elders were curious to see if James’ swordsmanship was as profound as the Great Elder had mentioned in his message.

James turned around and looked at Walganus. He whispered, “What do we do now?”

Walganus shrugged and said, “You brought this upon yourself, so you handle it.”

James said helplessly, “I only challenged them to stay longer in the Seafolk’s territory. I didn’t expect the news to have already reached the Blade Sect.”

Yanina said smilingly, “You should accept the challenge, Your Majesty. Your swordsmanship might not necessarily lose to his.”

James said helplessly, “Accept the challenge? Didn’t you hear Walganus say this guy is at the Sage Rank’s Thirty-sixth Stage and is very close to reaching Consolidation? How am I going to fight him?”

“You’re competing in swordsmanship, not cultivation rank or Sage Energy,” said Yanina.

Under normal circumstances, the higher one’s cultivation rank, the stronger one’s swordsmanship. When one reached a certain rank, even one’s ordinary sword technique would have destructive strength.

However, James was a rare exception.

James’ swordsmanship had already reached a very profound level. He looked at Yuvan ahead of him helplessly and asked, “Do we really have to fight?”

Yuvan replied, “Yeap, we do.”

James sighed and said, “Your cultivation rank is way higher than mine. I’m not even a

Sage yet and nowhere near a match for you. So, how about we only compete in swordsmanship without using Sage Energy or other powers?”

“Sure, as you wish.”

Yuvan did not hesitate to accept the condition.

His swordsmanship was already near Consolidation.

Yuvan did not believe his swordsmanship was below that of someone like James who had yet to reach the Sage Rank.

“Alright.” James nodded.

With a thought, James summoned the Primordial Dragon Blade.

He held on to the sword, and his aura immediately changed.

Yuvan was like an iceberg, giving off very cold air around him.

Meanwhile, James was like a sharp blade. Sword Intent emerged out of his body.

Although they did not have any attributes to them, his Sword Intent was terrifyingly potent.

Yuvan said, “Make your move, James.”

James did not hesitate at all and immediately took action.

As soon as he moved, the surrounding space was filled with his shadows. All the shadows mimicked a sword technique James had cultivated to the extreme.


Yuvan was taken aback and could not help taking a few steps backward.

The powerhouses at the mountaintop also saw the shadows in the sky.

Before any of them could react, James had already appeared before Yuvan and had his long sword pressed against Yuvan’s chest.


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