The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2683

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2683–Yuvan instinctively raised his long sword to parry the attack, but his sword had already been shattered.

Although his sword was not legendary, it was forged with a unique material and was not an ordinary weapon.

He had no way to dodge or counter James’ attack. His only choice was to withstand it, but he failed.

He knew James would not kill him.

Even if James attacked with the intention to kill, he would not be able to kill Yuvan.

Still, he lost to James.

After the Primordial Dragon Blade broke Yuvan’s sword, James’ shadows merged with him and formed a terrifying impact.

The force burst out from the Primordial Dragon Blade, forcing Yuvan a few steps backward.

However, Yuvan was unscathed.

“Wh-What kind of swordsmanship do you practice?”

Yuvan looked at James in shock.

James put away the Primordial Dragon Blade and smiled embarrassedly. He answered, “It’s the swordsmanship of a certain senior. I haven’t mastered it yet, so forgive my display of such weak skills.”

Yuvan’s lips twitched.

He had not mastered it?

Yuvan was at the Sage Rank’s Thirty-sixth Stage and was close to reaching

Consolidation, but he could not counter James’ attack.

He failed to counter because James’ move combined all the sword techniques he had learned.

Although it was not strong enough to kill Yuvan, that was only because James’ cultivation rank was much lower than his. Yuvan would have died instantly if they were at the same cultivation rank.

‘If he calls that weak, then what am I?’ thought Yuvan.

Many powerhouses watched the battle from the mountaintop.

The Blade Sect’s Leader was also among the spectators.

He murmured, “His swordsmanship is very exquisite. For some reason, I feel like I saw the Grand Patriarch’s sword techniques from some of his shadows.”

Hearing the Blade Sect’s Leader’s remark, the other elders were shocked.

“You can’t be serious, right?”

“Our Grand Patriarch has the greatest swordsmanship in this world, which has never been passed to outsiders. How is it possible for him to display the same sword technique?”

“He’s right.”

Shocked, many of the elders questioned the Sect Leader.

The Sect Leader said, “It’s true. I can’t be mistaken. I did see traces of the Grand

Patriarch’s sword techniques. However, it seemed to be missing something.” One of the elders asked, “What’s missing?”

The Sect Leader fell into thought. After a while, he said, “His sword techniques are definitely exquisite. Among them, I saw some of the Grand Patriarch’s Sword Moves but not his way of swordsmanship.

“However, I can tell that every one of his sword techniques isn’t weaker than the Grand Patriarch’s sword techniques.”

The Sect Elder expressed his observation.

In fact, it was quite reasonable for James to have displayed the Grand Patriarch’s sword techniques.

The battle against the Heavenly Path Embodiment inspired James’ sword techniques.

The Heavenly Path Embodiment was not a living being but was formed by Heaven’s Law. Heaven’s Law was the supreme force of the universe. Thus, Heaven’s Law would know every sword technique that existed in the world. Therefore, the Heavenly

Path Embodiment naturally could perform them. Swoosh!

The Blade Sect’s Leader took a deep breath.

‘This young man has a low cultivation rank right now. If he were at the Sage Rank’s

Thirty-sixth Stage and understood the way of swordsmanship, he would be a terrifying powerhouse.”

The Blade Sect’s Leader stared at James at the mountainside.

“When did such a terrifying swordsman exist in this world?’


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