The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2687

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2687–James swiftly caught the sword.

After he caught the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, he felt the weight of it. It was like an enormous mountain, and he lost his grip, causing it to fall to the ground.


The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword fell to the ground and caused a deafening sound.

The entire mountain range trembled, and a crack appeared on the ground. James said embarrassedly, “I didn’t expect the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword to be so heavy. I was careless.”

He mobilized his True Essence and picked up the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword again. James looked toward Falcon at the highest seat of the hall and said,” Thank you, Sir. I thought it was going to be incredibly challenging to retrieve the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. I wasn’t expecting you to be so righteous.”

Falcon said smilingly, “Although the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword is a great weapon, it’s connected to the life of this world and all the living beings here. How could I selfishly keep it to myself?”

James expressed his gratitude again, “Thank you, Sir.”

Falcon gently waved his hand.

“You don’t need to thank me. However, I’m curious about the swordsmanship inheritance hidden within the Crepe Myrtle Sword Pavilion.”

James did not hide anything from him and replied truthfully, “Have you heard of the Ancestral Sword Master?”

Falcon shook his head.

James began briefly talking about the events of the Primeval Age.

“I see.” Falcon looked enlightened after listening to James’ stories.

“An Ancestral God is an existence beyond a Grand Emperor. His swordsmanship inheritance must be very potent. I wonder if I’ll ever have the opportunity to witness this Ancestral Sword Master’s legacy.”

“Of course, you will.”

James did not disappoint him.

The Ancestral Sword Master’s swordsmanship was open to all in the Primeval Age.

“If even the Ancestral Sword Master shared his swordsmanship, then if I’m lucky enough to obtain it, how can I keep it to myself?” Falcon chuckled and said, “Haha. Everyone has a different way of cultivation. If you blindly copy another person’s way of cultivation, you’ll waste your own potential. I was just joking, so you don’t have to take me seriously, young man.”

Hearing this, James had a good impression of Falcon.

“Alright. Since you already have the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, you should leave soon. You’ve got important things to deal with right now,” said Falcon.

“If you say so, we’ll take our leave now.”

James clasped his hands and turned to leave the main hall.

The three left together.

After they were out of sight, the smile on Falcon’s face froze. His face immediately darkened, and he tapped his fingers on the table.

He was not afraid of James not returning the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword to him.

There was a seal on this world, and every living being had a limited lifespan. Falcon was confident he was the strongest in this world, and no one stood a chance against him.

Anyone he wanted dead would not be able to escape his grasp.

James left the Blade Sect with the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

After walking out of the Blade Sect’s territory, Walganus said with a frown,” The Blade Sect’s Grand Patriarch was too easy to convince. I thought we’d have to put in a lot of effort to get the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. I wasn’t expecting it to go so smoothly. I highly suspect there’s something wrong with him.”

James looked at Walganus and said, ‘What can be wrong with him? Even if there is something he wants, I’m sure he just wants to obtain the swordsmanship inheritance in the Crepe Myrtle Sword Pavilion. I already assured him I’ll share it with him, so there isn’t anything else to worry about.”

Walganus looked at James and did not say anything more.

The three quickly left the Seafolk’s island with the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword and headed back to Sangria.

After they retrieved the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, the only thing left was to find Sangria’s Imperial Jade Seal. To find the Imperial Jade Seal’s whereabouts, James would have to ask Sophie again.


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