The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2695

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2695-The moment they opened the door, a shadow came charging toward them. Walganus hurriedly raised his arms to block the shadow’s attack, and their palms collided.

Before James could react, he felt a powerful force sending him flying out of the City Lord’s Mansion. Then, Walganus was sent flying as well. When he rushed into the City Lord’s Mansion once more, the shadow had already disappeared.

James froze, stunned by Walganus’ strength. To his understanding, Walganus was only at the early stages of the Sage Rank. However, the strength he demonstrated was far greater. The battle wave generated when their palms collided sent James flying and caused the Blood Energy inside his body to churn. Walganus’ strength was far greater than what James initially expected.

After freezing momentarily, James charged in as well.

Upon entering, he saw Walganus standing there, scanning his surroundings.

James asked, ‘What just happened?”

Wearing a grim expression, Walganus shook his head and said, “The moment we entered through the door, a mysterious person ambushed us. His strength was terrifying.”

James scanned his surroundings. However, there was no one to be seen.

“You’re pretty strong, aren’t you, Walganus? Before I could even react, you already made your move.” James glanced at Walganus.

Walganus froze momentarily before saying smilingly, “I guess you saw through me. You’re right. I’ve been concealing my strength all this while.”

“Is that so?”

James looked him in the eye and asked, “Why conceal your strength?”

Walganus explained, “There’s a seal outside Planet Galileo. As the life span of living beings in this world is limited, their ranks remain stagnant.

Becoming a Sage is already an impressive feat. Though there are many powerful figures lurking in the corners of this world, they won’t show themselves as they do not wish to risk shortening their life spans any further. That’s why being a Sage is considered an impossible feat in this world. What I’m saying is that there’ll be havoc if word spreads.”

“Huh…” James said.

He was not satisfied with Walganus’ explanation and secretly doubted the real objective of him concealing his strength. Walganus must have come to Planet Galileo and Sangria for the swordsmanship inheritance and the Curse Magic. After all, these were inheritances left behind by two Ancestral Gods, which any living being would covet.

Upon thinking about this, James did not press the issue further but instead asked,

“So, what’s your true rank?”

James could not see through Walganus all this while. As such, he had no idea what his rank was.

Since his strength was exposed, Walganus answered him truthfully, “I’ve already crossed into the Sage Rank’s Thirty-sixth Stage and am about to reach Consolidation. After Consolidation, I’ll reach the Divine Rank.However, my cultivation method is unique. Though I have yet to reach Consolidation and the Divine Rank, even a cultivator at the Divine Rank’s First Stage might not stand a chance against me.”

Hearing this, a chill ran down James’ spine. He never thought that Walganus would possess such terrifying strength. He was already at the Sage Rank’s Thirty-sixth

Stage and was nearing Consolidation.

“Let’s not dwell on this.”

Shifting the subject, Walganus said, “Just a moment ago, my palm collided with the ambusher’s. However, I was sent flying. This means that the ambusher possesses immense power. He might have already crossed into the Divine Rank.”

Hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows.

‘That shouldn’t be. Planet Galileo has a curse that limits the lifespan of all living beings to one million years. No matter how incredible a genius may be, he won’t be able to live past a million years. Are there really cultivators who took less than a million years to cross into the Divine Rank?”

Walganus nodded and said, “Though this may sound preposterous, there have been precedents. In fact, there are many prodigies like that in my sect. However, that’s only for my sect. Though Planet Galileo is huge, it’s broken and in shambles. The Spiritual

Energy in this world is too mediocre, so no living being can ever reach the Divine Rank no matter how much of a genius they may be.”

Hearing this, James asked, “Are you saying that this person has surpassed the lifespan limit? Could it be that he has also gone to the Sea Race and obtained their divine object, thereby allowing him to disregard the curse?”


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