The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2696

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2696-Walganus shook his head. Currently, he had no idea who the person concealed in the shadows was. Did he consume the Sea Race’s divine object and surpass his lifespan limit or did he accomplish this through cultivation alone? The only thing Walganus knew was that the person possessed immense power.

“Let’s go and have a look.” James looked at the City Lord’s Mansion and said, “This person must have been observing us from the shadows. Since he only appeared a moment ago to obstruct our path, there must be something in here that he doesn’t want us to see.”


Walganus nodded and said, “Be on your guard. This person is incredibly strong. Even I might not be a match for him.”

James smiled and said, ‘There’s nothing for me to worry about with you by my side.” James believed that everything was not as simple as it seemed. Walganus’ strength must have been even greater than that of the Sage Rank’s Thirty sixth Stage.

Walagnus warned, “In any case, we shouldn’t let our guard down.”

“Got it. Let’s get going.”

The two walked side by side and entered the City Lord’s Mansion once more. The mansion was huge, and the building was intact. However, not a single soul could be seen. As they arrived at the mansion’s courtyard, Walganus could sense a terrifying power.

“Be careful. I sense an extraordinary power.” He warned.

James sensed the power too. The power was both immense and malevolent. As they approached the courtyard, the smell of blood permeated the air.

They slowly walked in…


At that moment, a figure descended from the sky and blocked their path.

The person stood before James and Walganus. He was wearing a black robe that was in tatters, and there was a layer of accumulated dust on the surface of his skin. His hair was disheveled, and his appearance could not be discerned. However, his eyes were blood-red, and they glimmered with a faint red glow. The person’s aura was strong and malevolent.

James and Walganus looked at each other.

Walganus whispered, “Be careful.”

Then, he clasped his fists and said, “Sir, apologies for the intrusion. We come in peace.”

He first tried to let the person know that they came in peace.

However, the man, seemingly insane, charged toward them ferociously.

As James knew that he stood no chance against the man, he hurriedly retreated to the back. Meanwhile, Walganus stepped forward and blocked his attack. As their fists collided, a powerful battle wave shredded through the air. Under normal circumstances, such a battle wave would have been able to obliterate this mansion or even the entire city. However, the battle wave vanished without a trace, seemingly sucked away by a mysterious force.

The battle was fierce.

James did not dare approach and hurriedly retreated from the city.

As Walganus and the man were engaged in a fierce battle in the air, performing all sorts of cultivation methods, James observed from afar.

The man glimmered with a black glow, and sigils kept materializing from his hands.

More and more mysterious characters materialized, and they contained a bizarre power.

“Curse Magic.”

James exclaimed.

He once encountered Curse Magic in the Ancient Realm. However, the Curse Magic performed by the Fangs of the Demon Race was only elementary. Meanwhile, the Curse Magic performed by the man was terrifying and contained destructive power. Though the city was unscathed, the area outside was completely obliterated. Even cracks began to appear in the void. The scene was terrifying. However, Walganus was powerful.


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