The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2697

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2697-Shielded by a golden light, he was engaged in a fierce battle against the man.

From afar, James spectated the battle.

Soon, Walganus was defeated. He was sent flying from the city and crashed heavily to the ground.

Fortunately, the man did not pursue him.

Seeing this, James hurriedly rushed over to Walganus’ side. By the time he arrived,

Walganus was already sitting in a lotus position on the ground. There were blood traces on his lips, and his face was pale.

“Are you alright?” James asked.

Wearing a grim expression, Walganus said, “He’s too powerful. There’s no way he’s a cultivator at the Divine Rank’s First Stage. He might have already reached the peak.”

“I’m asking if you’re alright.”

“I only suffered minor injuries. I should be fine after some rest.”

Walganus was injured. However, his injuries were minor, and he only needed some rest.

James waited by his side. At the same time, as he gazed at the city in the distance, he was puzzled. There was not a single living being in sight in this area. How could there be such a terrifying foe in there? Their path was blocked the moment they entered the mansion’s courtyard. What was in there? James could not figure it out.

Walganus healed his injuries.

Three days later, his situation stabilized. As he stood up slowly, he took a deep breath and said, “What terrifying Curse Magic… Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stood a chance against me.”

James said, “The Curse Magic is concealed within the borders of Sangria. Could it be that someone has unraveled the secret of Sangria and taken the Curse Magic?”

Walganus shook his head and said, “That shouldn’t be. If the Curse Magic had been taken, Sangria’s Curse should have been lifted, and the lifespan limit on this planet should have disappeared. However, that wasn’t the case.”

Baffled, James asked, “In that case, where did he learn the Curse Magic from?”

Walganus was lost in contemplation.

After some time, he uttered a few words, ‘The Imperial Jade Seal.”

Hearing this, James asked, “Are you saying that this person has obtained the Imperial

Jade Seal of Sangria, on which Curse Magic was recorded?’

Walganus nodded. “A very likely prospect. Since the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword has the record of the Ancestral Sword Master’s swordsmanship, I’m not surprised if there’s Curse Magic on the Imperial Jade Seal.”

Saying that, he looked at James.

“Reveal the ace up your sleeves, James, and summon the powerful figure in your Celestial Abode. Our opponent is extremely strong, and I’m no match for him.”

James did not intend to call Sophie for help. However, since Walganus had seen through him and learned of the Celestial Abode and Sophie’s existence, there was no need to keep it a secret anymore. Hence, he contacted Sophie in the Celestial Abode.


Immediately, Sophie responded.

“I’m here. I’ve been watching the situation closely the whole time.”

Immediately after, a white light flashed from the ring on James’ finger and landed on the ground, revealing a woman dressed in a white gown.

Walganus glanced at Sophie, and a mischievous smile crept up on his face. “Long time no see, Princess.”

Sophie glanced at Walganus. As she already knew of his existence, she was not surprised at all. Instead, she said calmly, “I never thought you’d be able to survive Armageddon.”

‘You survived. Why wouldn’t I?”


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