The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2698

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2698–They were immediately engaged in dialogue the moment they met. From their conversation, they seemed to be acquainted.

James was puzzled.

He knew that Sophie hailed from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, and her father was the war god of the Ancient Heavenly Court. How could she be acquainted with

Walganus? Could Walganus be someone from the Ancient Heavenly Court as well? He looked at the two puzzledly.

Sophie smiled and said, “His name isn’t Walganus Jaxon. He’s originally called

Hilarius Yahir, the son of the Jade Emperor in the Ancient Heavenly Court Age. He was nicknamed the Prince, and he was a prodigy in his time.”

Sophie explained Walganus’ background with a smile.

Meanwhile, Walganus only smiled faintly.

‘That was in the past. Hilarius Yahir no longer exists. Now, I’m Walganus Jaxon.”

James glanced at Walganus. He never thought that Walganus would be the son of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age’s Jade Emperor who possessed the bloodline of a Grand Emperor.

“How did you survive?” Sophie asked.

Walganus said, “Before Armageddon arrived, my father sealed me away in advance. I had just woken up from my slumber. In any case, let’s not dwell on the past. We should enter the city, subdue the man who practices Curse Magic, and seize the Imperial Jade Seal.”

Though Sophie had been in the Celestial Abode, she knew well what

James had experienced. She said calmly, “Alright then, we’ll enter the city.”

The three entered the city and arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion. Immediately, the man reappeared. However, Sophie made her move and subdued the man in a single move, sealing away his cultivation base and preventing him from moving.

“Argh… Roar…”

After the man’s cultivation base was sealed away, he roared and screamed non-stop.

Sophie glanced at him and said, ‘Though he cultivates Curse Magic, he’s unable to control the malevolent power within. As such, he experienced Energy Deviation and lost his sanity. He has already gone mad.”


James and Walganus were stunned.


Sophie said, ‘The malevolent power of Curse Magic has already invaded his brain and destroyed his brain’s neural network. Regardless, he’s very impressive. In this cursed world where all living beings’ lifespans are limited, he was able to resist the curse, achieve Consolidation, and cross into the divine rank by cultivating Curse Magic.”

James looked at the man in a black robe. His hair was disheveled, his eyes were blood-red, and his body constantly emitted a dark aura that spread to the surrounding space. Shouting and screaming non-stop, he seemed pitiful.

At that moment, feeling sympathy for the man, James asked, “Can he be saved?”

Sophie said, “He will recover once the curse’s power inside his body is removed.” James looked at her and said, “Please save him, Sophie.”

Sophie shook her head and said, “He has already reached the Divine Rank, and the curse’s power inside her body is too immense. I, who have yet to even reach the Grand Emperor Rank, don’t wish to be contaminated by the terrifying Curse Magic. You, on the other hand, can give it a try.”



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