The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2699

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2699–James froze.


Sophie nodded and said, “Your body has been reshaped by the Natal Demonic Lotus of a Grand Emperor. Besides that, the Grand Emperor of the Hadean Clan in the

Primordial Age, Xacobe Menachem, practices an incomplete Curse Magic. As the

Demonic Energy inside your body has the same origins as the curse’s power, you should be able to remove the curse in his body. Not only that, but you can even absorb the curse and evolve the Demonic Lotus in your body.”

Hearing this, James nodded and said, ‘Til try.”

Saying that, he walked toward the man. Standing before him, he could sense the malevolent aura emanating from the man’s body, which was immense. The reason why the Barren Wasteland radiated evil energy and was devoid of life and why no living creature dared to approach the place was all due to the curse’s power in his body. As he experienced Energy Deviation and lost his sanity, he was unable to effectively control the curse in his body, causing it to spread out and form the Barren Wasteland.

James took a deep breath before raising his hand to grab the man’s arm. At that moment, the malevolent power of the curse spread throughout his body. In an instant, he was enveloped in the curse’s power. However, as the curse had the same origins as the Demonic Energy in his body, he was unharmed. In fact, it made his flesh and blood more active. His body greedily absorbed the power as if it had been starved for a long time. At the same time, his physical strength rapidly increased.

Since Walganus and Sophie were not in a hurry, they stood by the side and chitchatted.

Looking at James, who was absorbing the curse’s power, Walganus said enviously, “I must say that he has incredible luck. He’s able to obtain providence anytime and at any place. Soon, his physical strength will increase further.”

Sophie nodded and said, “Indeed.”

The two chit-chatted away.

Meanwhile, James’ physical strength gradually increased, unbeknownst to him. Soon, he achieved a breakthrough, reaching the Sage Rank’s Sixth Stage. Afterward, he reached a bottleneck, and his strength could no longer be increased further. Then, the

Demonic Lotus in his body began greedily absorbing the man’s curse. This lasted for three months.

Over the course of three months, the Demonic Lotus in James’ body absorbed the man’s curse. Not only that, but the curse’s power in the surrounding area was gradually being absorbed as well.

James had no idea how powerful the Demonic Lotus in his body was. He only knew that it possessed destructive power.

After the man’s curse was completely absorbed, he collapsed to the ground. His blood-red eyes gradually returned to normalcy. As he glanced at James and the others, he spoke in a feeble voice, “Th-Thank you for returning me to normal.”

Sophie walked over to him and released his seal.

Then, he stood up.

James looked at him and asked, “What happened? How did you manage to obtain Curse Magic?”

The man fell into deep thought. After a while, he said, “Back then, I obtained the Imperial Jade Seal of Sangria by chance. However, I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. But, one day, I realized that it was no ordinary Imperial Jade Seal. A mysterious cultivation method was concealed in it. Back then, not realizing that it was

Curse Magic, I cultivated it. I never thought I’d gradually experience Energy Deviation as my cultivation base increased. Meanwhile, all living creatures of this city were devoured by the curse and perished.”

Hearing this, James took a deep breath and asked, “I didn’t expect this to have happened. Where is the Imperial Jade Seal?”


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