The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2705

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2705-Then, James catalyzed the Yogacara Sword Energy inside his body. Immediately, countless waves of Sword Energy poured out from his pores and scattered into the surroundings before disappearing into the mountains. At that moment, the entire Sword Pavilion shook, and some mountains began to move and undergo changes. Upon witnessing this, Walganus said delightedly, “l-lt worked!”

Xanthe had a look of anticipation on her face.

Countless years had passed. Would the unparalleled sword technique seal within the Sword Pavilion finally be able to see the light of day?

Xianna, too, was looking at James in expectation.

James and the Sword Pavilion’s power slowly entered the mountains in the surroundings. As the mountains moved and underwent changes, they gathered to form a new mountain. As countless peaks formed into one, James’ soul seemed to have been drawn by an immense power into an unknown space. In this space, there were no mountains, water, or earth, only a vast emptiness. The void was dotted with numerous stars, and James stood in the midst of it all.

“Where am I?”

James was puzzled.

Just as he was bewildered, a shadow appeared before him out of nowhere. The shadow gradually materialized to form a man. Wearing a white robe, the man had a somewhat handsome-looking appearance, and he exuded an extraordinary aura.

The man looked at James and said in a soft voice, “At long last… After countless years…”

“Y-You are…?” James looked at the man puzzledly.

“I do not have much time. You have to remember what I’m about to tell you.”

The man’s expression turned grim.

Hearing this, James did not ask any questions and listened intently.

“I’m a Sword Cultivator, and I have spent my entire life pursuing the ultimate path of swordsmanship. I have studied all the sword techniques in the world and created the Five Great Sword Realms. The Five Great Sword Realms are easy to comprehend, but truly reaching the pinnacle is as difficult as ascending to the heavens. I know that calamity is about to come, and in order to prevent my swordsmanship from being lost, I have divided it into three parts.

“One of them is inside the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. Another one is in the Crepe Myrtle Sword Pavilion, and the final one is in the Mound of Sabers. The one inside the Divine Sword is the most elementary and most suitable for those below the Divine Rank to cultivate. The one in the Sword Pavilion is considered more advanced and most suitable for those at or below the Grand Emperor Rank to cultivate. Meanwhile, the core of the swordsmanship is hidden in the Mound of Sabers. However, to truly gain insight, one would first need to comprehend the swordsmanship of the Divine Sword and the Sword Pavilion.”

James listened intently.

At that moment, he was certain of the identity of the person before him. This was the Ancestral Sword Master, a peerless powerhouse who shook the ground in thePrimeval Age. His swordsmanship had influenced countless Sword Cultivators.

As the man in the white robe spoke, his body gradually became illusory. Then, a sigil appeared in James’ field of vision. The sigil was white and akin to a character. Flying toward James and entering his forehead, the mark of a sigil appeared faintly on his forehead.

Though the man had disappeared, his voice still reverberated throughout the area.

“The sigil contains records of my swordsmanship inheritance. Cultivate hard… When the sigil completely vanishes, it would mean that you have truly gained insight into the swordsmanship. By then, head to the Mound of Sabers with the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. There, you’ll obtain the core of my swordsmanship.”

The voice grew weaker and weaker until it completely disappeared.


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