The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2706

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2706–The series of events happened in an instant.

By the time James reacted, everything had vanished, and he was standing at the highest point of the Sword Pavilion’s main peak.

However, he knew that was not a hallucination, and he had truly obtained part of the inheritance of the Ancestral Sword Master. He could clearly sense a sigil in the middle of his forehead. Since the mark was faint and elusive, no one else could see it except for James, who could sense its presence. James took a deep breath.

“I never thought there’d truly be the Ancestral Sword Master’s inheritance in the Sword Pavilion. By obtaining these inheritances, I’ll reach the Grand Emperor Rank.”

He reabsorbed the Sword Energy he exuded and suppressed his aura before sheathing the Divine Sword. Immediately, many people rushed toward him.

Walganus, who was the first to approach him, asked, “How did it go, James?”

James glanced at him and asked, “What do you mean?”

“The swordsmanship inheritance! Did you receive it?” Walagnus asked.

James was lost in thought. Initially, he planned to disclose the swordsmanship inheritance. Now, however, the swordsmanship inheritance had been transformed into a sigil. Besides, at his current rank, he did not have the right to cultivate in order to comprehend it yet.

After brief contemplation, he shook his head slightly and said, “ Nope.”


Walganus froze and asked, “How can this be?”

“How am I supposed to know?” James shook his head.

Unwilling to provide any explanations, he shifted the subject and said, “Now that the countless peaks of the Sword Pavilion have merged into one, I guess the Magic Circle has been opened and the seal removed. Next on the list is Sangria’s Curse.”

Then, he looked at Xianna and asked, “Your Majesty, what is Sangria’s Curse exactly? What should we do to break the curse and obtain the Curse Magic?”

Xianna glanced at Walganus and said, “We need the fated one. As Walganus is the fated one, we need him to break Sangria’s Curse.”

Walganus smiled awkwardly and said, “I’m not the fated one, James is. I’m just an impostor.”

Now that it had come to this, James could no longer care less whether he was an impostor.

He looked at Xianna and asked, ‘What should we do next?”

Xianna said, “According to the legend passed down in Sangria, only those whose body holds a power that shares the same origins as the Imperial Jade Seal can break Sangria’s Curse. As the Empress of Sangria, I have that power, but it is too weak. I cannot break the seal. Hence, the key to removing the seal is the Imperial Jade Seal.

As for the location, it’s inside the palace.”

Walganus said, “Let’s get going.”

“Sure.” James nodded.

Then, they left the Sword Pavilion and headed to Sangria Palace.

A few days later, they arrived at their destination.

After returning to the palace, James searched for Cynthia and Tiara who were concealed in the palace, and brought them back to the Celestial Abode.

Then, everyone gathered in the palace’s courtyard.

With Xianna’s guidance, they headed in the direction of the courtyard. After approximately ten minutes, they arrived outside an ordinary-looking courtyard.

However, Xianna said, “The Curse Magic is hidden here, but no one has been able to enter this place since antiquity. Based on the information passed down from long ago, only the fated one who holds the Imperial Jade Seal in his hand can enter.”

Unable to wait any longer, Walganus said, “Give it a try, James.”

James looked at Xianna and asked, “How do I enter?”


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