The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2707

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2707-Xianna pointed at the door and said, “Do you see the slot on the door? Place the Imperial Jade Seal there and the door will open. The previous Empresses have tried numerous times but to no avail. Only the fated one can accomplish such a feat.”

James nodded after he heard this.

Holding the Imperial Jade Seal in hand, he walked toward the door. Under everyone’s watchful gaze, he placed the Imperial Jade Seal in the slot. At that moment, he could feel an immense power coming from the other end of the door.

Meanwhile, the others could see a dark light materializing from the door, which poured out and enveloped James.

Meanwhile, an extremely powerful Demonic Energy materialized from James’ body and entered the Imperial Jade Seal through his arm before being transported to the door. The door, which had remained firmly shut for God knows how long, slowly opened, and a crack appeared.

Seeing this, Walganus’ heartbeat accelerated.

Soon, the wait would be over. As he was confident that James had already obtained the swordsmanship inheritance, he would make his move the moment James obtained the Curse Magic. Everything in James’ possession would belong to him.

Xianna watched the event unfold before her eyes intently.

Under her watchful gaze, the door that had remained firmly closed all this time slowly opened to reveal an opening that increasingly grew in size. However, as the door opened, they could not see what was inside. At a glance, they could only see a dark mist.

After the door opened, James put away the Imperial Jade Seal and walked in. As he entered, the door slammed shut.

Walganus and the others waited patiently outside.

James entered the door. Before him was a dense black mist, because of which he had no choice but to navigate through the darkness. After walking for approximately ten minutes, the black mist gradually dissipated, and he found himself in an unfamiliar place. This was a mountain, and he was at the foot of the mountain. Standing there, he could hear chanting coming from the mountaintop, echoing throughout the area.

“Where am I?”

James was puzzled.

With doubts in his mind, he slowly walked up to the mountaintop.

At the mountaintop, there was an ancient building, from which the chanting sound could be heard. Just as he was about to enter, a seven-year-old boy opened the door and walked out. He walked toward James and greeted him respectfully, “You have arrived. My master has been waiting. Please come in.”

The child beckoned.

Puzzledly, James walked into the building and arrived at the main hall.

There were many people gathered in the main hall. Among them were men and women, young and old, all sitting in a lotus position with their eyes closed as if they had not noticed James’ arrival. At the forefront was an elderly man wearing a black robe and holding a fly-whisk in his hand. James could not see his face clearly at first glance, as it was blurry and impossible to make out.

“You have arrived.”

Just as James was puzzled, the elderly man spoke. His feeble voice reverberated in James’ ears as if it came from a faraway place. His voice was ethereal as if it had traveled through time and space.

James clasped his fists and bowed slightly, asking, “Who are you, Sir?”


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