The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2712

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2712-At the main hall of Sangria Palace, Lachlan, who was wearing a grey robe, sat on the throne while gazing downward. Below him was a group of black-robed men. They were the confidants that he nurtured throughout the years, and they were some of the top-notch fighters and invincible in the outside world.

Many hastily rushed to the scene. Xanthe, Yanina, Xianna, and Quinella all arrived at the main hall.

Glaring at the elderly man sitting on the throne, Xanthe’s face darkened as she said coldly, “Who are you? What are you doing here in Sangria?”

However, Lachlan paid no heed to her. To him, Xianna did not have the right to speak to him. So, he shut his eyes and waited patiently for James’ arrival.

After receiving news of an intrusion, James hurriedly rushed over to the palace.

When he arrived at the main hall, many people were already gathered there. As he walked into the hall, he noticed Lachlan who was on the throne and some black-robed men below. Through his perception, the black-robed men possessed immense power and were at least at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.

Furrowing his eyebrows, he murmured silently, “Since when did Planet Galileo have so many powerful figures?”

Then, he looked at Lachlan and smiled faintly, saying, “This is Sangria. Since you came here uninvited and even sat on the throne, do you wish to be the Emperor of Sangria?”

Though James was shocked deep inside, his expression was composed. Lachlan glanced at James and stroked his beard, asking, ” Are you James?”


James nodded and said, ‘That’s right, I’m James.”

At that moment, Walganus followed in. Glancing at Lachlan briefly, he whispered, “Be careful, he has already reached the Sage Rank’s Twentieth Stage.”

Hearing this, James was stunned.

The Sage Rank’s Twentieth Stage?

He had not even reached the Sage Rank yet. Even though he could annihilate a Sage and even those above the Sage King rank through his various tactics, the disparity between them was too huge. It was an insurmountable gap no Supernatural Power or arcane art can remedy.

James did not act impulsively. Instead, he composed himself and asked calmly, “Who are you? Why are you here in Sangria?”

Sitting on the throne, Lachlan said nonchalantly, “I heard that you received the swordsmanship inheritance of the Ancestral Sword Master in the Sword Pavilion. Not only that, but you even acquired the Curse Magic of Sangria. I came here to obtain them.”

Lachlan told James of his objective truthfully. That was because there was no need to conceal the truth. The moment James showed himself, he would not be getting away.


James laughed.

“News travel fast, don’t they? You’re already here when I only just returned. However, I’m afraid I must disappoint you. Unlike what the rumors say, the Crepe Myrtle Sword Pavilion has no swordsmanship inheritance, nor does Sangria have any Curse Magic.”

Hearing this, Lachlan’s face darkened.

Then, he raised his hand and casually waved. Powerful energy materialized in his palm and charged straight toward Xianna. To him, he needed to kill a few people here to make James speak.

“Watch out!” James yelled.

His body flashed, and he appeared before Xianna. At the same time, he summoned his full strength to deflect Lachlan’s attack.

However, as the disparity of power between them was too great, he was immediately sent flying and collapsed heavily to the ground, spurting out a mouthful of blood.


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