The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2718

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2718-In a seating area in the courtyard of Sangria Palace, James looked at the stunningly beautiful Xianna, who was dressed in gorgeous attire, and said, “Your Majesty…”

The moment he spoke, Xianna waved her hand slightly and interrupted him, saying, “I’m no longer the Empress of Sangria.

You are the Emperor of this kingdom.” James said, “Becoming the Emperor was only a temporary measure.

I became the Emperor in order to break the seal of the Sword Pavilion and lift the curse on Sangria.

Now that these tasks have been accomplished, I intend to leave.” “Leave?” Xianna looked at James puzzledly.

“Mhm.” James nodded and answered her truthfully, “I’m not a human being from Planet Galileo.

I came from Earth, the Human Realm long ago.

Of course, this must be unfamiliar to you.

However, since the seal on Planet Galileo has been removed and the curse has disappeared, all living beings on the planet can now leave.

Though this place is far away from Earth, and you won’t be able to traverse the universe at your current strength, you should know that the Galatic Highway will open once the four calamities on Earth emerge.

The Galatic Highway is a void passageway jointly created by many powerful figures in the Primordial Age, which connects to some planets in the entire universe that are habitable to living beings.” James briefly explained the situation on Earth and the outside world.

Only then did Xianna truly understand.

“Now, the Third Calamity is about to appear on Earth, and I have to return as soon as possible.

That’s why I won’t remain on Planet Galileo for long.

I came here today to bid you farewell.” Hearing this, Xianna was dismayed.

“Are you leaving? Why don’t you stay here? Don’t you like being the Emperor?” she pleaded, hoping that James would stay.

James waved his hand slightly and said, “I’ll be taking my leave.” Once he spoke, he stood up.

Xianna followed suit and sighed, “I wonder if we will ever meet again after this parting.” James smiled and said, “There will always be opportunities.

Farewell, may we meet again in the future.” Then, he soared to the sky and into outer space before disappearing from Xianna’s view.

After he left, Xanthe walked over to Xianna.

“Has he left?” She looked at the figure that slowly disappeared from her view.

“Mhm.” Xianna nodded and said, “He has left.” “He’s such an unbelievable person.” Xanthe sighed and said, “This time, he obtained the inheritance of the Sword Pavilion and the Curse Magic.

He even acquired the Divine Sword and the Imperial Jade Seal.

His future is immeasurable.

We are from two different worlds.

Before long, he will stand at the top of the cultivation pyramid.” “Indeed.” Xianna sighed and said, “We really are from different worlds.

I wonder if we will ever meet again after this parting.” “Stop overthinking things,” Xanthe said, “Since the Sword Pavilion’s affairs are none of my concern now, I plan to leave Planet Galileo at once and traverse the universe on a new adventure.

Care to join me?” “Of course.” Xainna turned around and glanced at Xanthe, saying smilingly, “I thought we agreed on this long ago.” James left.

The journey to Planet Galileo gained him enormous benefits.

Though he had yet to become a Sage, he was only a step away.

Even though he was not yet a Sage, his strength far surpassed any ordinary Sage.

As he arrived outside Galileo and appeared in the void, he stood on top of a huge asteroid just passing by and gazed at the planet before him.

Swoosh! A figure gradually appeared.


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