The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2720

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2720-James entered the void passageway and advanced at great speed.

Approximately ten minutes later, he saw the end of the passage.

As he took another step forward, he emerged from the passage and appeared in a vast and twinkling starry sky where darkness surrounded him.

He could not even see his own hand in front of him.

He looked around and saw a glimmer of light.

Moving swiftly toward it, the light grew larger and larger until he finally saw a blue planet-Earth.

It was Earth.

Upon seeing Earth, James was uncontrollably nervous.

After leaving for so long, he was finally back.

He wondered what Earth was like now after so much time had passed.

Filled with consternation, he slowly approached Earth.

“I’m now only a step away from reaching the Sage Rank.

Before returning to Earth, I should achieve a breakthrough.” As James approached Earth, he murmured.

Then, glancing at the moon, his body flashed, and he immediately flew toward the moon.

Soon, he landed on the moon, arriving at an unknown location.

This region was full of rocks, and there were no plants to be seen.

Not a single sound could be heard in the surroundings.

The place was eerily silent.

James sat in a lotus position on the ground, suppressing the excitement in his heart and gradually relaxing his mind.

Then, he summoned the power in his body and began to make a breakthrough.

Immediately, a seal appeared within his body.

The power of the seal sealed away the meridians and acupuncture points throughout his body and prevented True Essence from circulating.

On Galileo, there was no seal when he tried to make a breakthrough.

Now that he had left the planet, the seal had reappeared.

However, with James’ strength, breaking the seal was a simple feat.

Though it would not be easy, he was confident he could break it.

A wave of True Essence struck the seal repeatedly.

However, as the seal was too tough and sturdy, the seal remained intact no matter how hard the True Essence struck.

Regardless, James did not give up.

Since even droplets would eventually pierce through a stone, he knew that the seal would one day loosen up if he attacked relentlessly.

Once he could break through the first seal, he would have more True Essence to utilize, facilitating the process of breaking through the rest of the seals.

As he sat in a lotus position on the ground, he struck the seal repeatedly.

At the same time, on Earth… Since the First Calamity on Earth, more and more unknown areas had appeared on the planet.

Many places that were once folded and concealed gradually merged with Earth.

After such a long time, Earth’s surface area had increased by a hundred-fold or perhaps even more.

However, these folded spaces were only a minuscule part of the whole, not even reaching one-tri 11 ionth of the total.

To completely integrate these spaces with Earth, the keys were needed to completely undo the seal after the Four Calamities.

Only then would Earth truly undergo a true transformation.

Even so, the Spiritual Energy on Earth had become extremely abundant.

Countless plants had mutated and become rare Empyrean herbs, and the entire planet was teeming with life.

However, this was of no use to humans.

Since the Second Calamity, there was a seal within their bodies, and achieving a breakthrough was nigh impossible.

Only a handful of prodigies could make such an attempt.

The cultivation base of the vast majority of humans remained stagnant.

The Beast Race that came from the three thousand Sealed Realms did not attack the earthlings due to Lucifer’s orders.

Instead of seizing human territory, they focused their time on cultivating.

The beasts made rapid progress in their strength, while the cultivation of humans remained stagnant.

Meanwhile, Wyrmstead, which was left behind by James, had become of the most powerful countries in the world.

Since James took away many ancient Solean martial artists, this resulted in a scarcity of human cultivators.

Without the guidance of these powerful figures, only a few people in Sol embarked on the path of cultivation.

Most people remained ordinary humans albeit with stronger physical attributes.


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