The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2727

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2727-James walked on the desolate streets.He arrived at the street where Common Clinic used to be located.

This was once a bustling street, but now it has become desolate.

There were some people on the street, but they were all sickly and seemed to be on their deathbeds.

James took a deep breath.

“Looks like the Curse Magic has already swept through the globe, and all humans on Earth have already been contaminated.I have to think of a way to remove the curse.Otherwise, humanity will be doomed before long.”

After letting out a sigh, James opened the Celestial Abode and released everyone inside.

As the curse inside their bodies had been transferred to James, they were currently in good health.

Upon seeing the scenery of the streets, they fell silent.

James said, “We have returned to Earth, and I have removed the curse inside your bodies and transferred them to me.

Do as you please from now on.”

Thomas walked toward him and asked, “What do you plan to do next, James? Don’t tell me that you plan on bearing the curse of all of mankind.” James fell into deep contemplation.

The Ancestral Talisman Master told him to bear the curse of all of mankind.

However, he almost succumbed to the curse of so few people.

With his current strength, there was no way he could bear the curse of all humans.

“Grandpa, I’m going back to Wyrmstead to discuss things with Thea.We’ll talk more about the curse some other day,” James said.

Thomas reminded him, “This is the apocalypse for humans, and there’s no way we can survive this era.The heavens wish to annihilate us all.You need to be strong enough to be our savior.In the Apocalypse Age, you should focus only on protecting your family and friends.There’s no need to sacrifice yourself for unrelated people.”

Thomas knew how terrifying Curse Magic was.

After all, he was tortured with Curse Magic before.

James, on the other hand, needed to bear the curse of all humans.

Whoosh! At that moment, flames suddenly ignited on James’ body.

The flames appeared out of nowhere and burned fiercely.

Even with James’ unparalleled physical body, he let out a mournful cry after being burnt with such intensity.

Knowing that this was the curse at work, he promptly summoned the Imperial Jade Seal and used its power to suppress the curse.

Soon, the flames on his body disappeared, leaving James charred black.

Upon seeing James’ appearance, everyone’s expression turned grim, especially Winnie.

Though she opened her mouth, no words came out.

After suppressing the curse, James catalyzed Demonic Energy and rejuvenated his injuries before looking at everyone and saying smilingly, “I’m fine, I’ll get used to this soon.This is Curse Magic, after all.However, I won’t die.”

Before James could finish his words, a shapeless blade suddenly appeared before him.

The blade pierced through his body, causing blood to spurt out and spill all over the ground.He collapsed to the ground and swiftly catalyzed Demonic Energy to heal his injuries.

Soon, his injuries recovered, and he stood up and said smilingly, “See? This is nothing.Besides, I’m confident that I’ll be able to control the curse soon.”

The Ancestral Talisman Master had told him that bearing the curse was both a tribulation and a providence.

Since this was what he said, James was confident that everything would be alright.He was fully assured that the Third Calamity would be resolved.

Many felt sorry for James.

“We have returned to Earth.With your current strength, even if the cultivators of the three thousand Sealed Realms appear, they won’t stand a chance against you.You are absolutely safe here on Earth.I, on the other hand, will be heading to Wyrmstead.”

Then, he looked at Winnie and said, “Follow me, Winnie.We’re going to see your mother.”


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