The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2729

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2729-Quincy froze as she fixed her gaze on Winnie.

Then, she sighed, saying, “I remember you were still a young girl when you left.In the blink of an eye, you have already become a grown-up.You look so much like your mother, even I mistook you for her.”


After absorbing Quincy’s curse, James suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground before passing out.Dad! “


The two panicked.

Quincy hurriedly stood up and moved the unconscious James onto the bed before inspecting his injuries.

However, no matter how long she inspected, she could not find out what was wrong with him.

“W-Winnie, what’s wrong with James?” Quincy asked, worried.

Wearing a grim expression, Winnie said, “The Third Calamity has swept across the globe, affecting all humans on Earth.Dad absorbed the curse for us and contained it in his own body.Just now, he helped you absorb the curse as well.Perhaps his body couldn’t bear it anymore, which is why he fell unconscious.”

“What?” Quincy exclaimed.

Then, she tried sensing her body and realized that she had indeed been cured.

“H-He lost consciousness after helping me absorb the curse?” She stood by the side, dumbfounded.

Then, she burst into tears, “H- How silly of you!”

Cough! At that moment, James who was lying on the bed coughed a few times.

“A-Are you alright, James?”

Quincy regained her senses and hurriedly grabbed a tissue to wipe away the blood James spurted out.

James’ face was pale as she said feebly, “I-I’m fine, I won’t be dying any time soon.The curse inside my body is already terrifying enough.Your curse changes nothing.”

Then, he took out the Imperial Jade Seal and began suppressing the curse.

Thirty minutes later, James’ complexion returned to normal.

“How do you feel, Dad?” Winnie asked.

James stored the Imperial Jade Seal away and said, “I’m fine.The curse’s power increased all of a sudden, and my body couldn’t bear it, causing me to faint.”

Winnie furrowed her eyebrows and said, “If you can’t even bear an additional curse, how are you supposed to bear the curse of all of mankind?”

James’ expression was solemn.

Indeed, if he could not even bear the curse of an additional person, how was he supposed to bear the curse of all humans? He was filled with consternation.

Then, he asked, “Where’s Thea, Quincy?”


Quincy froze before answering, “I thought she went searching for you.Did you two not meet each other?”


Stunned, James asked, “What’s going on? Why would Thea go looking for me?”

After brief contemplation, Quincy said, “Thea returned a few years after you left.She was already a Sage at the time.Back then, the Divine Holy Emperor had been searching for you all over the world.He even appeared in Wyrmstead and threatened me.When Thea returned, she fought against the Divine Holy Emperor when she heard about it.In the end, she annihilated the Divine Holy Emperor and went searching for you.”

Quincy narrated the chain of events that unfolded.

“Got it.”

James nodded.

Thea had gone searching for him, but he did not encounter her at all.

He had no idea where she went, so he needed to head to the Chamber of Scriptures and ask the custodian.

The custodian was a truly powerful figure.

Since the Third Calamity had arrived, James also wanted to ask her what his next course of action should be.


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