The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2730

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2730-James knew how to resolve the Third Calamity.

However, the method was described to him by the Ancestral Talisman Master, who was perhaps giving a description from his own perspective.

To resolve the Third Calamity, James needed to reach the Ancestral God Rank, a rank that was too distant from him.

At the moment, he could only remove the curse of a handful of people.

At his wit’s end, he decided to look for the custodian of the Chamber of Scriptures to discuss matters with her.

“Winnie, stay in Wyrmstead.I’m going out for a while.”


After James gave his order, he turned to leave Wyrmstead and headed to Sol.

Then, he headed to Mount Tai and entered the cavern.

As he had been to the Chamber of Scriptures many times now, he knew his way around here.

As he arrived at the first floor of the Chamber of Scriptures, he yelled while facing the empty place, “Ms.Custodian!”

His voice boomed.

Swoosh! At that moment, a soft white light appeared, gathering to form a stunningly beautiful woman who was wearing a white dress.

Upon seeing the custodian, James greeted her, “Ms.Custodian…”

The custodian glanced at James and smiled delightedly, nodding.

“Not bad…You have become a Sage.”


James asked directly, “Has Thea been here?”


She nodded.

James asked, “Where did she go?”

“The Demon Realm.”

“The Demon Realm?!” James froze.

“why? Did she not find you?”

James shook her head and answered, “No.”

He took a deep breath.

James never thought that Thea had gone to the Demon Realm in search of him.He knew that the Demon Realm was full of powerful figures, so he was worried about her safety.

Regardless, he was confident that Thea would be able to overcome all odds.

Changing the subject, he said, “The Third Calamity has arrived.”

Hearing this, the custodian’s expression turned grim as she sighed deeply, saying, “Indeed, who would have thought that this would be a Curse Calamity? There’s no solution to this.Even a Grand Emperor can only suppress a curse, unable to completely annihilate it.”

James said, “Miss, I believe that there are many humans from the Primordial Age concealed on Earth.They won’t simply sit by the sidelines and watch humanity perish.”

The custodian nodded and said, “Indeed, there are many powerful figures hidden on Earth.

However, they won’t show themselves that easily since the entire universe is watching Earth intently.

If they act impulsively, a war could break out once more.”

“Miss, you’re a Grand Emperor, aren’t you?” James asked.

He had no idea what the custodian’s strength was.

Back then, Sophie, who was a Quasi- Emperor, opened the void passageway and sent him back with some difficulty.

The opposite was true for the custodian, which was why James believed that she was a Grand Emperor.


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