The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2731

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2731-The custodian neither conceded nor denied.She simply said, “You don’t need to know about these right now.”

“How do we put an end to the Third Calamity of the human race, then?” James asked.

He had learned the solution from the Ancestral Talisman Master.However, his current strength was too weak.

This method would not work.It could only save a small number of people. He asked the custodian right now because he wanted to hear what she had to say.

The custodian started to ponder.

After a while, she finally said, “There is no way.The curse cannot be removed.Right now, several Grand Emperors of the human race who are hidden in the dark have been formulating a solution ever since they were struck by the curse.”

“Formulating a solution? What sort of a solution?” James asked.

The custodian said, “These Grand Emperors are researching the attributes of the curse’s power.They want to create an elixir that will suppress the curse’s power.”

After hearing that, James asked, “Will it work?”

“Eliminating the curse is not possible.It will endure within humans forever from this point forward, just like the seal.However, suppressing it shouldn’t be a problem.” James felt relieved after hearing the custodian’s words.

He said, “After I came back, I walked around Sol and Wyrmstead.Humanity is in a terrible state right now.Every day, a large number of people perish.Please ask the Grand Emperors to make haste.”

The custodian shook her head slightly and said, “They are already researching and developing it seriously in the time formation.Regardless, this is a curse.It is extremely frightening.It is not feasible to create an elixir to suppress the curse in a short period of time.This is a disaster for humans.There will undoubtedly be significant casualties.As long as humans do not become extinct, it is not a calamity.”

Regarding these, the custodian was very accepting because she was extremely powerful.She knew a lot.

Currently, the calamity was quite mild, as the appearance of the curse did not wipe out the human race completely.

The curse was simply a slow death.

Furthermore, all of the ones who died were weak.

They had a weaker constitution.

True prodigies and true powerhouses would be able to resist the curse.It was a calamity for the human race, but it was also an elimination of the weak.The strong were the ones who survived.

“Actually, I do have a solution.” James let out a sigh.

When she heard that, the custodian looked at James with a surprised look on her face.

James said, “After I went to the Demon Realm this time, and then escaped the Demon Realm…”

He gave a detailed account of what had happened when he traveled to Planet Galileo and then the Demon Realm.He briefly talked about the Imperial Jade Seal of Sangria.

“I opened the sealed door, and the message left by the Ancestral Talisman Master in the Primeval Age was revealed to me.

“The Ancestral Talisman Master stated that he had never expected the Heavenly Path to use the Supernatural Power he had cultivated to deal with the human race.Given the gaps in time between us, he was unable to intervene and lift the curse placed on the human race.Right now, there is only one solution.And that is to take the curse of humans onto my body using the Imperial Jade Seal.

“However, with my current strength, I can only save a small number of people.

“If I save one more person, my body may completely collapse, and I may no longer be able to resist the force of the curse.”The custodian remained silent while she listened to James talk.

Only after he finished speaking did the custodian say, “Perhaps the human race truly requires your assistance in order to be saved.However, now is not the time.The Grand Emperors are already hard at work researching the curse.It won’t be long before an elixir to suppress the curse becomes available.Humans will then be able to take the elixir and suppress the curse in their bodies.

“And you are required if the curse is to be truly lifted.

“Once you become an Emperor or cross the final step into the Ancestral God Rank, you will be able to lift the curse of the entire human race.”

James nodded softly and said, “That is indeed true.However, my current strength is still very low.I can only save a small number of people.It pains me to see people die like this, but I’m powerless to do anything about it.

“Miss, what should I do next?”

The custodian waved her hand slightly and said, “Nothing.Be still and wait for the elixir to become available.When the time comes, you’ll need to promote the elixir and convince the entire human race to consume it.”

After meeting with the custodian, James no longer felt lost.

He knew there were powerhouses hidden among the human race, and they were constantly helping humans in overcoming their difficulties.


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