The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2732

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2732-James’ anxious heart was finally at ease.

“By the way, where is my mother?” asked James.

Many years ago, he brought his mother here to let the custodian purify the Demonic Energy in her body.

The custodian said, “The Demonic Energy in Xandra’s body was already purified many years ago.Currently, humans lack top-tier elite fighters and Xandra is a rare prodigy.After much deliberation among some seniors, she was sent to a mysterious location.She is cultivating there and will not be returning anytime soon.”

James asked again, “Is my mother safe?”

The custodian nodded.

“Mhm.She’s very safe.”

James was utterly relieved by her words.

“That’s all.I’m going back now.”

James waved goodbye to the custodian.

“Oh, right.”

The custodian asked, “When you went to the Demon Realm and saw Xandros, what did he say to you? Did he give any instructions?”

The main reason the custodian sent James to the Demon Realm was to let the human powerhouses hiding there guide James to Xandros.

She reconstructed a Demonic Body for James primarily so that he could meet Xandros.

Previously, James described some of the events that occurred during his visit to the Demon Realm, including his encounter with Xandros.

However, he did not go into detail about what Xandros had said to him.

James said, “Sir Tegan did not give any.He only said we should bide our time and that he will choose an appropriate time to leave the Demon Realm and return completely.”

Hearing that, the custodian furrowed her brow.

Xandros was the Lord of the Human Race and a Grand Emperor.

Furthermore, among the Grand Emperors, his level of mastery was extremely high.

A typical Grand Emperor could not compete with him.

At present, it was the apocalypse for the human race.

Humanity was at a loss and needed Xandros’ guidance.

However, Xandros remained silent.

“Alright.You may go back.I understand.”

The custodian waved her hand slightly.

“Okay.” James nodded his head.

Without lingering, he turned around and left the place.

After leaving the Chamber of Scriptures under Mount Tai’s ravine, James made his way to Mount Bane.Mount Bane was the center of this world.

It was the location of the seal’s source.

All of the cultivators who traveled to Earth from the Three Thousand Worlds gathered at Mount Bane.

Such a long time had passed.He believed that cultivators from the Three Thousand Worlds would continue to multiply.

Soon, he appeared at Mount Bane.He did not see the scene that was in his imagination.

In his imagination, Mount Bane was crowded with cultivators.It was extremely lively.

However, not a single cultivator was found along the way.

Such a vast mountain range was desolate and cold.He arrived at Bane City.

Bane City was barren as well.

Not a single person was outside the city.

The massive city gate was wide open.

There was not even a guard.

He entered the city.

It used to be lively, but now there was no one there.

James activated the Divine Sense.

With his senses, he discovered that cultivators in Bane City were all staying in their homes.

They were all cursed and in closed-door meditation, struggling to resist the negative effect brought by the curse.

Of course, this was only true for humans.

In Bane City, aside from humans, there were many Outsiders.

No curse afflicted these Outsiders.

Nonetheless, it was a critical time.

The Outsiders were all focused on cultivating and did not wander around outside.


Seeing the barren Bane City, James could not help but sigh.

A once vibrant and bustling city had become so deathly quiet.

He walked along the familiar yet unfamiliar streets of Bane City.

Not long after, he arrived at the manor where Marcello once lived.

Outside the manor, there were some soldiers dressed in black armor with black longswords slung around their waists.

Despite having a human appearance, these soldiers’ original forms were not human.

They were demons.


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