The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2734

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2734-In the foyer, Marcello sat next to James.

While looking at him, she could not help but ask, “Where exactly have you been all these years?”

James went to the Demon Realm.His news was spread throughout the Demon Realm.

However, Marcello never returned to the Demon Realm during all these years.

Her family did not specifically tell her about James either.

So, she had no idea James had appeared in the Demon Realm.

James smiled and said, “I set out on an adventure for a while.”

“An adventure? Where did you go?”

“I went to the Demon Realm.”

James did not hide anything.

“The Demon Realm?”

Marcello stood up in shock.


A voice came from outside the door.

Immediately after, a man in a black robe walked inside.He was Jace Sterling.

Jace walked over and sat across from the two.

He glanced at James.

He knew that James had appeared in the Demon Realm.

He also knew that in the Demon Realm, James had once again defeated the Young Master of the Hadean Clan, Lucifer, and had even married Brielle of the Labhrann Clan.

In the beginning, no one knew James was from Earth.

However, after that, many powerful figures in the Demon Realm analyzed and finally discovered James’ identity.

Jace was aware of all of this because he had kept in touch with his race.

“y-Your current strength…You’ve actually become a Sage?”

There was a look of astonishment on Jace’s face.

It was the Apocalypse Age.

There was a seal within humanity’s bodies.

Breakthroughs were extremely difficult to achieve.

Every time someone broke through, they would have to break the seal.

Even breaking through a rank was a struggle in this circumstance.

However, James was constantly breaking through and had already become a Sage.

It was too terrifying.

‘Become a Sage..”

James’ strength used to be much lower than his.

However, he had yet to become a Sage and was only at the Tribulation Rank’s Second Stage, whereas James had already become a Sage.

This cultivation speed was just too frightening.

“What? You’ve become a Sage?”

Marcello looked at James, surprised.

She was aware of James’ strength in the past.

When they were fighting for the Celestial Abode, James was not even a match for her.

Yet, after only so many years, he had already become a Sage? Looking at the two people who were shocked, James smiled softly and said, “I merely entered the Sage Rank by luck”

“By the way, the curse of the human race’s Third Calamity has already descended.Why do you seem unaffected?”

Jace stared at James with a suspicious look.

The curse had descended.

Every human was struck by the curse.

Those with lower immunity died immediately.

Those with higher immunity had more or less also experienced some issues with their bodies.

Nonetheless, James seemed to be fine.

James smiled and said, “What harm can a mere curse cause me? I am indeed struck by the curse.Moreover, the curse of numerous humans has been absorbed by my body and is now being carried by me.”

Both Marcello and Jace were astounded.

“absorbed others’ curses? ” Marcello looked at James, shocked.

It was a long story.

James took a deep breath and slowly started to talk, “I’ll have to start from when I was on my way to the Demon Realm…”He briefly recounted what had occurred when he traveled to the Demon Realm and then to Planet Galileo.He briefly talked about the curse in Sangria.He talked about some of the things that happened when he opened the gate of the curse.Marcello and Jace were surprised as they listened to him.

This experience was far too peculiar.

At the same time, they envied James’ good fortune.

A complete digest of Curse Magic was in his possession.

Curse Magic was widespread in the Demon Realm.

A lot of powerful cultivators in the Demon Realm were proficient in it.

However, the Curse Magic that every cultivator in the Demon Realm cultivated was imperfect.

Despite the fact that it was imperfect, their Curse Magic was renowned throughout the universe, making cultivators everywhere tremble in fear.

Now that James had actually received a complete Curse Magic, who in the entire universe could possibly rival him if he cultivated it to perfection?


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