The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2737

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2737-“That’s right.This providence belongs to the entire universe.It is not exclusive to humans.”

“Please open the passage, Emperor Tigranes.”

Cultivators from the Demon Realm and other worlds were all asking Tigranes to open the passage.

Faced with the request of so many cultivators, Tigranes started to ponder.

After giving it some thought, he said, “Since all of you wanted to go to Earth, I can’t just ignore that.Alright.I’ll open the Earth passage from now on.Every living being who is eligible to vie for providence may travel to Earth.

“However, they can only go there to compete for the providence.If any cultivators visit Earth with other intentions, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

Tigranes’ expression became solemn.

He was warning some of the people who were present, as there were certainly some who were considering using this opportunity to sneak to Earth.

On Earth, there was a James Caden.

James had attained too much providence.He had far too many treasures on him.

This had long attracted the attention of many cultivators.

Tigranes spoke once more, “The Third Calamity has already arrived.The Fourth Calamity will be soon as well.After the Fourth Calamity, the seal on Earth will be broken, and the Galactic Highway will be open.Everyone will then be able to enter Earth.By that point, I won’t interfere with anything.”

His words had deterred some cultivators with malicious intent.

Tigranes stood up and said loudly, “Pass on the order.My clan will open the passage to Earth.Anyone who wishes to travel to Earth to compete for the providence may do so via the passage of my clan.”

Following Tigranes’ order, this news quickly spread throughout the Demon Realm and the entire universe.

Upon learning of this news, many powerful figures in the universe hastened to the Hadean Clan in the Demon Realm with their most outstanding disciples in order to send them to Earth.

After spreading the word, Tigranes left the main hall and went to the Hadean Clan’s holy site.

At the summit of a mountain in the holy site, a man was seated ina lotus position on the ground.His long, black hair flowed freely without any wind.

An extremely powerful aura was emanating from him.

Tigranes appeared in front of him.

When he sensed Tigranes’ arrival, the man got to his feet.

The man was none other than Lucifer Menachem, the Young Master of the Hadean Clan.

Tigranes walked over and said softly, “The Third Calamity on Earth has appeared, and the Third Calamity’s providence will soon follow as well.The providence this time is quite frightening.It is ‘ Leap out of the Three Dimensions, Relinquish the Five Elements’.

“You’ve changed your fate before.If you can once again obtain this providence, you will enter the Grand Emperor Rank in the shortest amount of time.You might even surpass the Grand Emperor Rank and enter the Divine Rank to become the most powerful figure in this era.”

After saying that, he glanced at Lucifer and asked, “How is your cultivation going? Which stage of Super Combat Form have you cultivated?”

Lucifer looked at Tigranes and said, “It’s going quite smoothly.I’ve already cultivated the Fifth Combat Form.”

Tigranes nodded, pleased.

He said, “You’ve already become a Sage.With the Fifth Combat Form and the Imperial Weapon, it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to compete with you for the providence.The only one you need to be aware of is James Caden.”

As he talked about James, Tigranes’ expression became solemn.

“This brat’s luck is too incredible.I have no idea what else he might have experienced during this time.However, I have a feeling he will be your most formidable opponent in the battle for providence.”

With a confident look on his face, Lucifer said, “I lost to him twice.I’m not going to lose to him for the third time.I’ll definitely defeat him the next time we meet.”

The Fifth Combat Form was no joke.

The strength that was increased was not simply one plus one, but rather a multiplicative increase.He was very confident in his strength.He had already become a Sage.

Moreover, he had a decent level of mastery at the Sage Rank.

He had benefited greatly from Earth’s Second Calamity, obtaining the Elysian Inscription.

During these years, he studied it painstakingly and had comprehended a secret Supernatural Art from the Elysian Inscription.

Tigranes looked at Lucifer and said with a smile, “If you are confident, believe in yourself.Although the Third Calamity’s providence is incredible, it is not the most powerful.The most powerful is the providence of the Fourth Calamity.Do your best.In the future, the Hadean Clan will be in your hands.You will have to lead it.”

After saying this, Tigranes’ body disappeared.


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