The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2738

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2738-The Hadean Clan opened the passage to Earth, and prodigies from various clans in the Demon Realm traveled to Earth one after another.

Even some prodigies from the Demon Realm’s Mortal Dimension and Sage Dimension were devising a way to enter the Divine Dimension with the intent of traveling to Earth via the passage.

Meanwhile, powerful figures from all over the entire universe appeared in the Demon Realm’s Divine Dimension and arrived at the Hadean Clan, bringing with them the prodigies under their tutelage.

Soon, there were innumerable prodigies heading to Earth.

In the Sage Dimension of the Demon Realm, a mountain range suddenly split open.

Boom! The air was thick with swirling clouds of dust.

A woman stood in the sky.

The woman was in a black dress and wielded a black sword.

The tip of the blade was slightly curved.

Her long, black hair was dancing around.

There was a cold and detached look on her pretty face.It was Thea.

Thea was fighting fiercely with a beastfolk.

Following the drop of the Malevolent Blade, the beastfolk, who had entered the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage, was killed.

Clap, clap, clap.

From the distance came the sound of clapping.

A beautiful woman walked over, stepping on the air.

She said with a sweet smile, “Thea, your Four-Quadrant Art is getting more and more terrifying.Before they could even exert their power, you killed the beast folk.”

The woman was Brielle.

Back then, after James escaped from the Demon Realm, Thea arrived at the Labhrann Clan during her search for him.

She met Brielle, and Brielle wanted to look for James with Thea.

So the two set out on a journey, eventually ascending to the Sage Dimension and continuing their adventure in the Demon Realm’s Sage Dimension.

Thea put away the Malevolent Sword she was holding, smiled, and said, “I’ve made a fool of myself.Compared to you, I still have a ways to go.”

Thea had been with Brielle for all of these years and witnessed how impressive Brielle was.She was truly a genius.

Her speed of cultivation was far too quick.

When they first met, Brielle had just become a Sage.

However, after only a few years, she had already reached the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Stage.

Her cultivation speed was too frightening.

Brielle chuckled and walked over.

She threw away the beastfolk’s corpse, extracted the demon elixir, and said with a smile, “The demon elixir of a beastfolk at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.We can sell it for some Sage Stones.”

The two chatted merrily as they left.

They headed to a nearby city.

In the city, they sold all the treasures they had found during their journey this time.

Finally, they made their way to a restaurant and began to enjoy some good food.

“Have you heard? The Hadean Clan has opened the passage to Earth.Now, one can simply reach Earth by entering the Divine Dimension and going to the Hadean Clan.”

“Mhm.I have heard.However, going to the Divine Dimension is quite challenging unless your strength has reached the Divine Rank.”

“There’s no need for that.From the Hadean Clan in the Sage Dimension, you can travel directly to the Divine Dimension.”

While the two were enjoying their food, they overheard a conversation between some cultivators in the restaurant.

When she heard this information, Thea became excited.

Brielle looked excited as well.She said, “James might have already returned to Earth.Thea, let’s go to the Hadean Clan as well and travel to Earth from the Hadean Clan’s passage.I’ve long wanted to visit Earth.I just never had the chance.”

As she heard that, Thea glanced at her and asked, “Do you really want to go to Earth?”

“Yes, of course,” Brielle said, “I’m already married to James. I’m his wife.”

After she said that, she looked at Thea and said with a smile, “Of course, you’ re his first wife, and I’m his second wife.”

Thea furrowed her brow slightly, then she said, “In that case, let’s go.” The moment she stood up, she felt dizzy.

Immediately afterward, she fell headfirst ta the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Brielle promptly moved to support her and helped her up.She asked, “Is it the curse?”


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