The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2740

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2740-The universe was vast and endless.

Humans on Earth had always been researching the universe in the past, but they had yet to have aclear understanding of the solar system, let alone the universe.

With scientific and technological means, even if thousands of years went by, Earth’s humans still could not understand the universe clearly.

In the vast universe, there were seven Greater Realms.

One of the seven Greater Realms was destroyed by humans during the Primeval Age.

Now, only six realms were left.

These six realms were named Greater Realms because all of these six realms were divided into three planes of existence.

The three planes of existence were respectively Mortal, Sage, and Divine.

Other planets did not have different planes of existence.

However, although many planets were not divided into different planes of existence, they were still very powerful.

In the vast universe, there were innumerable habitable planets for living beings.

The providence of Earth’s Third Calamity was about to arrive.

This drew the attention of powerful figures all over the entire universe.

All the powerful figures in the universe traveled to the Demon Realm with outstanding prodigies under their tutelage and headed to Earth from the passage in the Demon Realm.

The Athura Realm was one of the six realms.

In the Athura Realm, there was a very powerful race, the Athurans.

They were a belligerent race.

After the Athuran prodigies appeared on Earth, they began to go around and challenge others.

However, Earth’s humans were too weak and were no match for them at all.

So, the Athuran prodigies took over Bane City and ousted all the human cultivators from Bane City.

This infuriated many powerful figures of the human race.

Thus, some prominent figures, led by Henry, traveled to Bane City.

Nonetheless, they were beaten up.

They were even imprisoned as if they were slaves.

In just a few short days, these incidents were spread across the entire planet.

However, all humans on Earth were struck by the curse.

They were barely able to save themselves.

How could they possibly intervene? Moreover, even if they wanted to intervene, they lacked the strength to do so.

The same was true of prodigies from the Three Thousand Worlds.

After being driven out of Bane City, they were not at all crossed.

As for the other races, the Athurans did not give them a hard time, instead allowing them to live freely in Bane City.

When James learned about these incidents, he rushed to Bane City without pausing.

He had no idea where these foreign races had come from.

However, since they had come to Earth, they must follow the rules of the planet and should not commit atrocities on Earth.

If these foreign races were not taught a lesson, and all other foreign races began to imitate them over time, the Earth would be in chaos.

Humans on Earth were already subjected to disaster after disaster.

They should not exacerbate the situation.

Shortly after, James appeared outside Mount Bane.

He came across many human cultivators outside of Mount Bane.

Most of these human cultivators were from the Three Thousand Worlds.

Previously, they had been living in Bane City, but they were driven out of there.

They gathered outside of Mount Bane because it was the location of the seal.

There were countless times more Empyrean Spiritual Energy here than anywhere else.

Even though they were unable to enter Mount Bane, cultivating outside of Mount Bane was more effective than elsewhere.

Besides, they now had to suppress the curse.

Powerful Spiritual Energy was required.

Spiritual Energy from other places could not support them in suppressing the curse.

The area outside of Mount Bane was teeming with people.

James appeared and quickly glanced over these people.

Among these people, he noticed some familiar yet unfamiliar silhouettes.

They were familiar because he had previously met them.

They were unfamiliar because he had not seen them ina very long time.

Seeing them again left him in a daze.

After being slightly stunned, James walked toward a woman wearing a green dress.

The woman was sitting in a lotus position on a rock.

Her face was slightly pale.

She looked exhausted as if she was gravely ill.

“Quintina,” James called out.

The person was Quintina.


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